Thursday, December 31, 2009

New .357

Semi local pawn shop had a trooper S&W model 19 .357 for sale. I had to have it. The trigger is smooth. Recoil still a bit rough, I need more range time. I've arranged for an advanced concealed carry class. 8 hours worth. While at the range, I was at the gun store above and got a holster.
The torn skin tells me I wasn't holding it right.

The holster looks big.
But just under a t shirt its hard to make out.
Then when an overshirt is added, you can't see it.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Book of the Day

I am very fond of David Weber's Honor series. But like many of those they deal with the upper tier of command. I wanted a ground pounder's book.

I did find the Torin Kerr series by Tanya Huff. Valor's Choice is a blatant rip off of the Battle of Rourke's Drift. Well the author needed a battle for her characters to be involved in and admits it. Kerr is a seargant in the Confederation Marines. Humans are the youngest race in the Confederation and must deal with other races which are interesting and well thought out.


I'm back.

Blogger decided I was a spam blog and put me on hold. Never was there an email about this. It took over a month for a person to check up on the robots' conclusion.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Book of the day tuesday

Today's book Granualle Ireland's Pirate Queen.

Four years ago I discovered the musical Wicked. I convinced my husband to take us to see the tour in St. Louis. The lead actress, Stephanie J. Block, gave a good performance and was kind enough to come outside to talk with the fans even though there was a party for a member of the cast leaving. After leaving the tour she was the lead in a new musical The Pirate Queen. The show bombed, not that it was bad, it had its good points, but partially because the true story was hard to fit into a two and half hours. That and the songwriters poorly portrayed the celtic mindset.

Grania O'Malley was the only legitimate child of the head of Clan O'malley. She commanded a fleet of ships both traders and pirates, Married twice, widowed once then divorced her second husband so she could claim his castle. When her son was taken by the English she sailed to England to lay her case before her enemy Queen Elizabeth I.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

book of the day

School was cancelled friday because of power outages, flooding and rain.

Monday's book of the day

Physics of the Impossible
by Michio Kaku

When science increases, what was once impossible becomes possible.
An examination in layman's terms of science speculation that _might work or could work or as cool as it is, will never work. Teleportation, Time travel, faster than light travel, and robots are examined.

I looked forward to this after reading his Hyperspace.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Book of the day

My students do not understand reading for pleasure and reading because you want more. Everynow and then I say something off the wall and a student asks "how do you know this?" I read...prodigiously

So now on my dry wipe board is the "Book of the day" some book I like or think is interesting or just randomly grabbed.
Today's book

Swashbuckling A book I bought many years ago when I lived in a larger city about how to do stage combat. I even bought another one after encounting on youtube the New york jedi. I'm even teaching a few students how to do stage fighting. (okay I don't know much but I know more than them and just point the way)

Monday, October 19, 2009

my god when was this

I remember Carol Burnett from childhood. it was always an event saturday night.

I even gave my mother a copy of Burnett's biography for a present.

teaching tool for science teacher

May I present the humble ping pong ball

it can demonstrate
buyouancy place a beaker of water on a scale, a ping pong ball will float what will the scale read?
velocity and acceleration roll it or throw it
gravity drop it
projectile motion toss it

it can model

And they must be locked up, students love to play with them.

Friday, October 2, 2009

because I'm evil

Who else would give 3 classes a quiz on Homecoming?

question from the 9th grade class about their vocabulary test. "Is it multiple choice?"

Evil laugh "they are so cute when they are hopeful."

"no you have to know what it is to understand the rest of the lesson not guess a,b,c,d"

(okay I gave them 15 minutes to brush up some)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I love my job

Chemistry is doing their first real lab. Chemicals, goggles, glove, the works. Its a simple one because inspite of law and policy, they have never done a lab before. The lab is designed to let them practice an actual lab. They mix chemicals in a baggie and wait for a reaction. This way even through the bag and gloves they can feel a temperature change along with watching for bubbling and color change.

The first set nothing happens, its a control to let them see what one powder does in water. The second one, the powder dissolves into the water and heats it up. The expression on their faces when they realize what is happening. "its hot..."...

buddy "what?"

"really here feel."
buddy feels bag too and passes bag to rest of the group as they feel the exothermic reaction.

Students together..."what happens in the next one?" to me

Me as I walk away to check on other groups. "guess you better find out."

Hear voice behind me..."okay we need 2 tablespoons of calcium chloride."..they are setting up the next test.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

circle the wagons

Minor science teaching joke.

In science there are independent variables and dependent variables. The strength of an acid is a good example of an independent variable. I can easily use different strength acids to change the speed of a reaction. The speed of the reaction is the dependent variable. Stonger acid, faster reaction. The independent I can change. The dependent variable _depends_ on what the level of the independent variable is. Its not a good definition, I hate using similar words to define things but it is the best I have found.

Test on this stuff, theory, how to measure, scientific method, definitions. No muss no fuss.
"What is an dependent variable?"

"a dependent variable depends on the independent variable for survival."

*blink* *blink*

I really wish I could ask the student who wrote this..."lemme understand this, the constants and the units attack the variables. The independent variables get on the outside to protect the dependent variables from harm..."

More than one student gave me this answer, and no they didn't copy, different sides of the room.

small town living

Phone rings.

"Hello"...the voice on the other end identifies herself as our UPS driver. She says she saw a dog just like ours near the chamber of commerce building.

I tell her I don't think so I just let him out and it would be a long jaunt to that area, but I would check. Nope, he's home.

She and our loyal puppy are buddies. He hears the truck, goes on full puppy alert. If a person is home to open the door for the package and greet her; he is happily presenting himself for a pet and a rub. She will talk to him and rub his ears before going off.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

days I love my co workers

At my school we have an extra period. Ideally it is for clubs or counseling or other extra time for things that may cut into instruction time. This Friday is a pep rally so that is what we do the extra period. When it is not those it is an extra period, so everyday I teach some class twice (1st period then later 1st period again, next day 2nd period twice) Yes it can be confusing, first thing in day I tell them which class they will repeat .

There are a bunch of guidelines such as no tests or quizzes, use it for remediation, do not introduce new material. And it is not a free period or a study hall.
but some new students don't understand that

English teacher during lunch relaying a story
"so my 9th graders said 'what, we gotta do woooork?'
I told them 'I'm sorry the clown canceled yes you have to work.'"

I could never get away with something like this

Or another teacher who wears many admin type hats as well as a class on essentially how to life in real world.

"So Carl asked me why I was writing him up and I was picking on him. I explained that my contract said I get a bonus if I pick on him."

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

things unsaid

From parent teacher night to parent

"god has a plan for your child, and its my job to help her get there."

(it may be to say "do you want fries with that." but hey, who am I to go against the Almighty's will)

actually is very good child who is doing well with my class

not this time

Last year my seniors got away with too much. I let them because I had them the year before and they were so doggone earnest puppy eyed. Not this year batch. I am not letting them mess up. The large class settled down into their comfort zone seats. Monday I reassigned seats. Some was random, just breaking up their cliques, others got moved to the front because they did poorly on last test and I know from last year what they are capable of. Some grumbling but I learned to take it in stride, they just have to grumble.

"my mom won't like it if you move me to the front."

*blink* *blink* okay take a breath before you say something smart

"okay, you have my school and home number, she can call me anytime." (and I will explain and show her notes about your last test, the three days you did no work and either studied for another class or drew and ignored my orders to do my work. The only way you are getting what you want is if the principal tells me to move you.)

chapters of stories

I drive the same 40 plus miles one way for the past two years. Since I have a regular patterns I generally see much of the same thing. I mean "I know the roadkill on a first name basis." I know where the police like to wait. The areas where the logger trucks come from. Where in the road the deer like to cross and what yards they hang out in where its safe. I slow down in one township, right after it are several trailer homes. There is often a van from a school for developmentally disabled preschoolers and adults. Sometimes I see the van in route. Sometimes its parked in front of one of the trailers. I see a man walking with a gait of those who are slow, (deliberate, stiff legged) holding the hand of a small child. Are they both going? Is he going on the bus and the child is "helping" a loved relative? Is the child going and the adult simply has a bad back?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

annnd we're off

The school is undergoing new things. We have a new principal, new superintendent, lost 3 teachers who because of funding will not be replaced. Two spanking new non traditional teachers and moved from the middle school, ought to be put out in pasture teacher.

Last year's seniors were the smallest class ever. This means that I have the largest group I've ever taught. Now I should not complain within hearing of larger school teachers, who have classes of 30 +, but it is not what I'm used to. I have 88 students this year, with two classes over 25 and a total of six classes. This may not seem like much but it does stretch my lab work area. I actually have to double the labs, half the students do the lab today, half tomorrow. I can make it work.

I scared the heck out of the chemistry class,.."you want to keep your honors courses? I heard the problems you gave the biology teacher last year. Do no think that if you give me grief I will not talk to your parents and principal and ask "why is this one in my class?"" they are working hard. And realized that "I don't know" is not an acceptable answer..."you can use your 10+ 11...." "I can small fear"

They put me on the leadership committee..why? I don't want to be a leader?....

Saturday, July 25, 2009

God...*ahem*...God? If in the afterlife you have judged me a righteous person deserving of reward, I would like to be a tourist in New York for healthy part of eternity. Aside from plane issues in which 3 out of 4 of the planes had maintanence issues, it was wonderful. Okay the hotel had trouble giving us hot water, but they worked on it. The hotel was a block off of Times Square. We saw 2 Broadway shows, Wicked and 9 to 5. One off Broadway show, Stomp. Different food styles every night. Ellis island, where I swear I kept feeling somebody behind me at my shoulder. Museums, the people. Granted I stayed on the Manhattan the time.

And the scariest thing you can hear is your cab driver saying "I know short cut, okay."

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

after 80 days

My concealed carry permit arrived today.
This is not something I do lightly.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

New York awaits. Airline tickets, bags pretty much packed, broadway tickets, tours picked, shopping planned...he loves me...he really loves me.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

custom My little ponies

These are cute.

I do not know if I want one...okay maybe the Han Solo one. But they are cute and well done.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

summertiiime and the teaching is eeeasy!

I volunteered to teach an ACT test prep class this summer. A few weeks of half days, teaching science so they score better on the ACT test. I'm very laid back with this. They are there because they want to be. Straight content knowledge is not tested in the ACT, but it helps. I review test taking skills, science vocabulary and the like.

There are practice tests we go throw, I also tell them what types of questions they will see.

On the down side, with the summer, my sleep cycle is all whacked. I come home, and I feel cranky and dragging. Can't really do anything. Try to nap, then the sun comes down so late and because of the nap I can't fall asleep when I need to.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Tony awards

I must say that the opening number was very high energy.

I just wonder about the creative process. Why? Because is there anything new?

We have Billy Elliott a musical based on a movie
Shrek, same as about
9 to 5 pete, threepet

Rock of Ages, Hey lets take the bad songs and fashions of the 80's and make a musical. We can slap together a story. (like All Shook Up and Ring of Fire)

Hair, West Side Story, Guys and Dolls--revivals. yes some different interpretation, talented performers, but still revivals. Especially I wonder if Hair is letting liberals repeat some never was childhood and be hippies.

Was Liza Minelli really worthy of a Tony for Special Theatrical Event or is the Broadway group so enamored of her that they would give her a standing ovation just for burping. It looks like the other contenders were original, not a rehash of Liza with a Z.
Did Angela Lansbury really deserve hers? or did she get a sympathy vote?

Next to Normal, who would write a musical about Manic Depression. There is at least someone trying to think outside the box.

If you think about the awards themselves are lock in time. Lead actress, featured actress, lead actor...this all implies the standard love interest story.

Nor have they taken on the complexity of the modern theater. Sure there are short runs. Some even intended to stay that way. But does the Theater Wing consider the long running shows? Changes that happen over time with casts that can change an audience member's interpretation of a show? One reviewer many years ago said that when Harvey Fierstein left Hairspray, Harvey was incredible, but the interpretation changed and it became an ensemble's show. If a revival can be judged because of interpretations, why not a long running show?

Now they did do a smart thing. They showed performances of long running shows that are on tour. That way those people in "fly over country" like me know what is available to them.

I realize it is hard to be creative. Some of the best musicals are based on fairy tales; Rogers and Hammerstein's Cinderella. West Side Story is based on Romeo and Juliet, Shaw's play Pygmalion was turned into My Fair Lady. But come on guys, there are new creative and hungry people out there waiting for their chance.

Though if I make it to New York, I wanna see Wicked, 9 to 5, Hair, West Side Story, Chicago, South Pacific. Heck I might try rush tickets for Toxic Avenger.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Went to get make up, got a new gun bag

Summer break has started. I set off today to do shopping. First stop was a large hunting supply store. Goal was to get swivels for my rifle, a range bag and possibly a shooting jacket. Also look at rifles and pistols. Got the swivels. Range bag was either wrong color, too big, too girl etc. etc. The salesman was nice and helpful and I apologized for being picky. Husband got a new pair of comfortable shoes. Hit a few pawn shops looking at guns and tools.
Since I am older I have finally decided to get some make up. Even stopped tearing my nails. So I go to large department store and at the make up counter. I had thrown away all my previous makeup. Explained to helpful lady at counter that I had no habit of makeup but was going to start. she helped me with selections showed me how to lay on the stuff. Hubby was helpful with his "trowel" suggestion. After that she filled out a sheet of what I would need to get. I looked at it and said "Okay."
"What do you want?"
"well all of it..." pause, realizing I'm in docker style work pants, t shirt and a button up shirt on top. Reach into wallet and pull out gold American Express "now do we understand?"
She glances at it, she works partly on commission. "yes we do understand!...." *Ca-Ching...It takes time for her to gather up the things, code them, wrap them. Hubby is looking around.
"hey dear" he gestures at displayed bag,..."This is the what you wanted."
"yes it is." It is the size and color I wanted. No pockets, but it nice. He asks how much and it is explained that the bag is a gift for buying a cologne. Well, how much for the cologne. He even opines that he should start wearing cologne.
So I now have a designer label bag, and a cell phone number of a make up person, just in case I need some questions on how to put the stuff on.

Monday, May 25, 2009

memorial day

It is a small town. People gathered at the court house. A short speech was made. The flag was dropped to half mast as the names of fallen soldiers was read while Taps was played. Many men in this community served in WWII. In fact the head of the VFW and his buddies went to sign up. He changed his mind and enlisted later. His buddies never came home.

Hubby shamed me into riding my bike there. We talked to a few people we knew, about service and duty. And about bikes.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

pregnant teenagers

In a laid back discussion, my comment was that they should go out to the world and take care of themselves. Not to rely on their parents or other people.

Very pregnant student of mine pipes up "My boyfriend take care of me."

I started coughing to keep "yea...he sure did." from coming out.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


My students do not realize that I have no control over who substitutes for me. If I am sick, it is whoever the secretary can get ahold of between the time I call in and when school starts. And the secretary really does not appreciate a call at 5 am when I have decided that I am sick, so the call must be at 7, which gives her an hour to find somebody. I do not even know the names of the substitutes except for two of them. I see them around but I've never been introduced. The students have their own names for them, there is "Sarah Plain and Tall", "Meth lady" and "Clueless Black Lady". These are the ones who's name I do not know. The two substitutes whose names I know are the ones I like. They always leave me notes and try to follow a slapped together lesson plan I've emailed the secretary. Wouldn't you know it, my students don't like these two.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

White House gardening

During World War II there was a victory garden in every yard.

Including the White House.

I don't know how the victory gardens went. I have seen enough gardening to understand many things. Though it was a different time, many people already had gardens.

First time gardeners eyes glaze over at the thought of row upon row of tomatoes, corn and beans.

Gardening is a process. You plant you wait for things to grow, you realize its the wrong time or that last freeze messed everything up. You weed, replant, till, mulch, spray for fungus, rinse repeat.

currently my garden is very shady, we finally figured out that we could grow salad stuff. The chard, asparugus, strawberries and blackberries are doing fine. We lost several blackberries last your to some kind of canker.

Now the White House has a garden.

I have a hard time swallowing a lawyer who self admittedly goes to restaurants telling people to grow gardens. I can't see her doing more than the photo ops leaving the hard constant work to the groundskeeper.

She's not even dressed for gardening. What's this designer sweater? Jeans? you were guy jeans when gardening, or shorts. Boots? okay it was chilly in Washington D.C. that day, you had to wear boots instead of being barefoot., but those weren't work books.

There is never a time when I am seriously gardening, as opposed to puttering where i'm not muddy, wet, sweaty or bleeding.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rules for auctions

I used to go to several auctions.

I have started going to some recently. I have noticed some non spoken rules.

Rule number 1
You are not there to pay a fair price for something. You are there to rob the other guy blind.

Rule number 2 for sellers or owners
Something is only _worth_ what someone is willing to pay for it.
I don't care what somebody on ebay sold it for last week. I don't care what its value is. It may be worth that to somebody else but not to me.

Rule number 3 (for new auction attendees)
Do not get caught up with "I'm not going to get it....must bid." Have price in mind. Have an upper limit. If you do not purchase something, so be it. Do not let the hunting gene of "must get it..." take over.

Rule number 4
Be respectful.
Most auction people follow this rule. They will stand out of the way if you are looking at something. They will even help total strangers load heavy stuff into your vehicle.

Rule number 5
Touching is okay.
It must be tried out, tested etc.

Rule number 6
Touching is not okay.
Once someone has won a bid, you do not touch the item without his permission.

Rule number 7
Show up on time
See rule number 4.

Rule number 8
Know how to pay. Have your id and such ready.
Some auctions are cash only, some will take checks, some will take credit cards.

Rule number 9
Men must wear hats.
(no really, if you don't wear a hat, you are really not there)
Also auctions are often outside, rain, cold sun...

Rule number 10
Women need not wear hats but must wear one to tell husbands how to bid.

rule number 11
Hats will bills must face forward.

Rule number 12
Men must wear belts or suspenders.

Rule number 13
Wear comfortable clothing especially shoes.
Only real farmer may wear overalls.

Auctioneers don't like it if you make deals with other bidders, especially with the "bid and you get to pick one of the lot.

Oftimes at an auction there may be several of one thing. The way it works is the high bidder gets choice of which and how many of the lot. Then they bid again for next choice.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

cooking experiement

Husband and I have talked about getting biscuits. So started this morning with the traditional _Joy_of_cooking biscuit recipe. It seems okay. I do not have a biscuit cutter anymore so I simply cut it up into squares. This worked without burning the corners.

I made fried chicken via alton brown. They were a little underdone. I have to measure the temperature and time more carefully. I did my first attempt at navaho fried bread. This is a success and it can either become a dessert covered with honey or later I will make them flatter and make fluffy tacos.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Well, I always wanted to be one

why carry a gun

The news report in our paper held back on something until several columns in.
The robber, the "purse snatcher", pointed a gun. This is not a purse snatch, this is armed robbery and I am allowed to use deadly force.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I would have made a good guhral

Saturday, March 7, 2009

sleep of the just

sleep of the just
It is finally warm enough to do outside stuff today. Husband is building an add on to the shed to store lawnmower, tiller and gardening tools, along with a side shelf to store his wood. I planted blackberries and other things, tended my labyrinth, labeled herbs. A while back I bought a label printer and copper stick in the ground labels. Now I know what is in the soil. I tilled two beds in prep for planting. We have several trays read with sprouted plants including heirloom tomatoes. Helping hubby by holding things. I'm also making a stand up target for throwing knifes at it (hey some people play golf). This is taking time since I am using dowels to hold it together and must share the drill. I just remembered there is another, smaller drill in the house, I can use that to finish.
I'm limping.
I ran some errands and we had to go to two hardware stores, one locally the other an hour away toward the end because we were out of tin for the roof.
On the anarchy homefront, the arsenal is about complete. A while back I realized that...well many things. So I've taken a Concealed weapon permit class, have purchase a pistol, him too. Today I got the last, a winchester 3030 for him and a Remington 700 .270 bolt action for me. The ranges i s far away, we don't know anybody locally who has a safe place to shoot. So on some weekends, go to big city, go to range, go to bookstore, go to gourmet grocery store.
Tomorrow it is supposed to rain, so I will be doing household stuff.
For now, aspirin, vitamins and the dirty martini await.

Monday, March 2, 2009

blood sacrifice

I have a karambit that I bought. Purchase agreement means it is dull. I finally figure out how to sharpen the inside curve, using the corner of a sharpening stone. It finally happened, I gouged the knuckle of a hand holding the stone. At least now I know it is getting sharp.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I got my NASA minigrant chekc. For any teacher there is a 500 dollar grant by NASA. The paperwork is very easy, fill out an application form that is easier than a driver's license application and a list of what you want to buy.

I grew up in Florida. I could see the Apollo Moon shots. I wanted to be an astronaut. It did not happen and that is just as well.

So my NASA money is buying model rockets for my students. They must assemble them and they get to launch them. When I told my students the check was in they insisted that I order the rockets that very night.

its only worth what someone pays

I went to a gun auction yesterday hoping to steal, err, buy at a reasonable price some guns. The auction started off they had some incidental items, ammo, ammo belts...not too many of them. That angered the crowd some, they wanted the guns. Then the guns started off. The auction company was just the conduit, the guns belonged to individuals. Some of them had a stated going price, second gun auction finished and the auctioneer said the price was not what the owner set, stated the selling price, and the crowd laughed. Then the crowd got surely, basically the attitude became, "we are not going to bid high."

At the end some collector's items went up and several, like five guns, did not meet the minimum bid. "Its worth..." what ever the price stated was. I felt like saying "no sparky, its _valued_ at that price, it is only worth what somebody is willing to pay for it."

We got a 12 ga pump shotgun. The pistols they had went _way_ to high for my taste. I probably should have kept bidding on the italian mauser. Sinse I haven't set up a range yet, getting a rifle is not high until I know where I can shoot it.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

doing stuff, saying we do stuff

Yesterday was the inspection by the state, by two agencies. We did very good. Our principal was worked over, gathering files, organizing stuff, his wife is pregnant. He is a good man, unlike many other principals I met or have heard about.
My students asked "when are they going to come in." I had to explain that looking in the classrooms was the least of their things. "Aren't you worried?"

"no, I do everything right."
After a few minutes the students agreed, that the posters on the wall and decorating and objectives and dressing up efforts stuff I did anyway. I personally think that putting students' work on the wall for review is silly, no student is going to thing "I have some extra time I think I'll go check out the work on the wall." But it makes my principal happy and I remove the student's name.

Surely these inspectors are not fooled. They can see real effort versus performing.

Also I pointed out, "do you really think I'm scared of a former English teacher telling me how to teach science?"

Of course they wanted to see the lab during lunch. My safety stuff is always together there is a new poster they want, no biggie. Then he wanted the curriculum pacing guide. I kept asking him to repeat what he said. So I make sure all the science teachers are on the same wavelength?
What to teach when? I bit back, "that is what the frameworks are for and we don't really have a department, a department implies a cohesion, a tradition. I have been here for two years and I have seniority. The biology teacher is new and not staying, the lower grade science teacher is new here...etc. "

There probably is a guide, I just never saw it. Which is probably just as bad as not having one.

If I have to have a pacing guide of who is supposed to teach what and when, I want the math department involved. I am tired of blank stares when I cover certain math functions they must use in my class, and the deer in the headlight look is not they forgot it...they never learned it.

There are times I wonder if such people can be fooled. I know for a fact that in my field that the state mandated 20% teaching time is lab is not followed at every school, so are they blind or do they wink wink nod nod.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Hands on

I begin my 4 day lab on roller coasters. The physics students must do some work with the foam tubing that goes around pvc pipe for insulation. Cut down the length it makes a track that a marble can roll down. Students get excited with their plans and argue and debate and try and fail. My only comment to their questions is "I guess you'll figure it out" and go back to my magazine.
Students today read and play computer games but rarely make something. Now is their chance.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Because I can

"Pop quiz!"
"Ms W. Why?"
"cause I'm in pain and I want you all to share."

ask easy question...
Students perk up and start writing.

"Okay, thats the question, I'm sorry I lied its not a quiz, but you need the answer for what we are doing today and it _will_ be the first question on your next quiz...I told you, I'm evil."

Monday, February 16, 2009

Huzzah I found it

I have had a four day weekend. Normally, on Friday, before Battlestar Galactica, is when I do my take home work. But since I was off, I put if off till today. I got 40 plus lab reports plus other work graded, then started to finish out my lesson plans for this week. I could not find my memory stick with what work I had done. I was pretty sure I had brought it home with the intent of finishing. I cleaned out my dresser because I might have tossed it into there. Then I started cleaning out the computer drawer.
Over a year ago, I got a used radio for my loyal BMW and had the local mechanics install it. To prevent thefts there is a code so you can turn on the radio. I looked at the serial number, called my BMW mechanic in a larger city to give them serial number, they then sent me the code.
Go forward some to Christmas break, I have to take the BMW to the BMW dealer because my mechanic cannot align a BMW. They end up having to replace everything that connects to the tires but the axle. Part of the process is they disconnect the battery, which means the radio needs the code. I have no idea where the code is.
There it is shoved in the back of the computer drawer. I go out to the car and start it, reset the code and I have radio and CD's again.
yea, also found my memory stick so I finished by lesson plans

They really are jocks

I am a geek, therefore I dislike sports. I have serious issues with sports in school. I resent the money some, I really resent the time they take away, such as pep ralleys, or students leaving early for traveling to games. I support one member our my state's Board of Education who believes that your sports should be sponsored by the community. I even managed to convince one football coach that the community thing might work by pointing out that if he were a community coach, that would be his job, not having to worry about standardized testing or school board politics. Now this is what I mean by resources. There are three science teachers in my school, lower science, life science and me, higher level hard science. We have three football coaches, two basketball coaches along with an atheletic director. Out of 98 teachers in my district, there are 13 people certified for PE. That is not all that everyone does, but still you see my point. During a football game I counted 7 men on the field telling the team what to do. My god people its just high school football not the superbowl.
During inservice lessons, I decided to slip out of my comfort zone. Instead sitting with the usual people I sat by the football coaches. They were passing notes, texting, giggling at jokes. I do not resent the one coach scribbling plays, I was making a to do list for the next day. I relayed later "they were juvenille, there is no other word for it."

relaxing after work

The Hennessey cognac was smooth. It was one of my few attempts with straight liquor as opposed to mixed drinks or low alcohol beverages.
After that I decided to try a drink recommended by the Wall Street journal, a dolores. Definitely a woman's drink. My first thought was "tastes like cough syrup." That was the cherry liquor. Its something I would drink, though not a first choice.