Thursday, August 27, 2009

annnd we're off

The school is undergoing new things. We have a new principal, new superintendent, lost 3 teachers who because of funding will not be replaced. Two spanking new non traditional teachers and moved from the middle school, ought to be put out in pasture teacher.

Last year's seniors were the smallest class ever. This means that I have the largest group I've ever taught. Now I should not complain within hearing of larger school teachers, who have classes of 30 +, but it is not what I'm used to. I have 88 students this year, with two classes over 25 and a total of six classes. This may not seem like much but it does stretch my lab work area. I actually have to double the labs, half the students do the lab today, half tomorrow. I can make it work.

I scared the heck out of the chemistry class,.."you want to keep your honors courses? I heard the problems you gave the biology teacher last year. Do no think that if you give me grief I will not talk to your parents and principal and ask "why is this one in my class?"" they are working hard. And realized that "I don't know" is not an acceptable answer..."you can use your 10+ 11...." "I can small fear"

They put me on the leadership committee..why? I don't want to be a leader?....