Sunday, September 30, 2012

kevin honeycutt

Saw him at a workshop, and went to a class he gave.  Still trying every now and then trying to incorporate this.

any teacher watch 9 minute to 11 and see themselves?  Hope not.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Go away

In my school mail box there is a largish envelop for me.   I've seen this before.  Yup, from some kind of science teacher group is a bundle of surveys on science attitudes and plans that they want me to give my students.  They will even give back the student a free career guide.  Gee, guys if my student checks the box saying he wants to go to a "church sponsored college" and specializing in "banking" are you going to tell him he really wants to go to a church sponsored college and get a degree in finance?  That's a lot of work.

The survey frankly, sucks,  I say this as the wife of a professor who teaches college students how to make and give surveys.

Then the very first thing is they want my students' names and contact information.  No.  You have absolutely no need for this.

No, go away.  Do not bother me again. I am not giving up 10 minutes of instruction time for your silly survey so you can say you know about students attitudes toward science.  I can tell you that in 5 minutes, pay me though, my services will be 100 dollars and hour with a minimum of 1/2 hour, not including travel time.

I took all the surveys put them into the postage paid envelope along with a "do not bother me again" note and asked a student to take them to the office on his bathroom run.

Good for Google.

The White House asked Google to see if the supposedly anti Muslim film "The Innocents of Muslims" violated the term of use.  Can't help but if the question was set as a "wink, wink." question of "please take this off because it offends people."

Good for google, they said no.  Not that I am in favor of the film or anything like that.  Offensive speech is supposed to be protected speech.

New Law

I propose a new law.  One day a year, teachers are allowed to hit parents without any legal action.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


One class is fairly bright and is small, so often we finish the lesson early.  Ideally we are supposed to keep them busy, "teach bell to bell" but what happens in a week.  Its JROTC uniform day.  The students are talking about "Hunger games" and the differences between the movie and book. Afterall a class room of girls, I have a _lot_ of _Hunger_Games_ fans.  I have never read the book entirely or watched the movie (okay I "watched" it on the screen of the guy next to me on the flight back from london), but I'm fairly familiar with it.  "You know the real horror is not that the children are killed, but that Capital City can make the children into killers."

A few students nod their heads at this and began talking.  "hey John and Melissa,naming the two JROTC students and then tugging my collar; we don't turn our kids into killers do we."  After a few seconds one of the original conversationists caught my context.

"The army doesn't kill people protests" Melissa.

"Sure it does, the job of the Military is to kill people and break things"

A few rounds, Melissa opins,  "the army protects people."

"sure it does, by killing the bad guys."

A few, including the other JROTC student caught on what I was saying.

The military's job is to kill the enemy of the state when ordered by the state.  Hopefully the state is wise and uses compassion and judgement when ordering these killings.

BTW I am a veteran, the wife, daughter, sister,  and grandaughter of veterans, along with the mother of a soldier.