Saturday, December 29, 2012

everyday carry

Inspired by Stormdrane, I put together a everyday carry bag.  It is based off his with some minor modifications.  You would not think I use the small crowbar, but I do, often enough I am glad I put in it.

 I do not have paracord.  That is something I need to add.  I also do not have matches.  I tried the firestarter striker, but I just cannot seem to master using it.  So I either going to get some strike anywhere matches or a butane lighter that I replace every now and then.  I did order a vintage match holder, we'll see if it is the right size to put in.
 Hemostat, small scissors, tide pen, WD40 pen, small pen knife with tweezers in it.  Magnifying glass, small led flashlight, small sewing kit, small (eyeglass repair size), Gerber artifact, sharpie, writing pad, some bandaids, few safety pens.
Between this, my gerber multitool and key ring (small grooming thing, whistle, p38), I generally can fix anything which does not require hammering.   I am looking for a new screwdriver set the top came off this one, it still works but I need to replace it.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


like many people I watch American Preppers sometimes.  Maybe they are extreme but there is nothing wrong with being ready for problems.  So step by step I am doing some, hopefully, common sense things to make safer and prepare for emergencies.  I have plans, and I am not doing it all at once.  First step is preparing a first aid kit.  I am making two, one for in the car, one in the bug out bag when I start that halfway through January.

So first aid kit

tape, gauze (pads, and rolls), bandaids, butterfly closures, tegaderm, neosporin, nitrile gloves, ace bandage, athletic tape, eyewash fluid, burn gel, nitrile gloves, cold pack, sting relief pen. 

I'm pressed for space.  There are a few things more that I would like and may ditch the cold pack and burn gel.  There are burn pads that can do the same job.  I have an israeli bandage on order.