Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I am a veteran and have several relatives who are also.

Every now and then students talk to me about joining the military.  I have no bone to pick with them one way or another.  For many this is the only way to get out of the small rural town.  Money for college is not easily seen.  I asked her the question I ask any student who talks about joining the military.

"could you kill a person in cold blood?"

Our current enemies are not nice, or noble. They are scary, violent and evil people.  They do not respect the Geneva Convention.  Prisoners are not treated with the Red Cross in mind.

She binked.  (of course)  "no"

"Then maybe you do not need to join."

"But would I have to fight, I want to be a nurse."

Scary world 101 coming.

"you are assigned to Afghanistan.  Your unit is overrun by the Taliban.  There are wounded you are responsible for and you are the only thing between them and certain bloody, horrible death.  What do you do?"

She's thinking.  She likes the idea of travel and perked up at the thought of doing the medic, nurse, physicians assistant route.