Sunday, November 15, 2015

paracord jig

From Instructable.

I plan on having an afternoon project for my students.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

New map

Our maps have been wrong

Peters projection map

I love this graphic showing relative size of things.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

I'm slow

Why did I not do this before?

Print the elements, laminate them, use the selection for differen assignments.  Our specilist will be happy to laminate them.  And you can customize them.  I will only print the ones I normally use, not the synthetics.

element cards
I am looking around the web for ideas.  I came up with this for printing on business card stock to give to students.  Lets see what happens.

interes idea from the web.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

oooh only if we could...

I am having my chemistry students make a slide presentation of a chemical environmental hazard.  Possible subjects are "phossy jaw",  "radium girls", Bhopal India battery factory accident, etc.

I was helping a student get some ideas by suggesting Brownsville, Texas.  A town with a high rate of babies born without brain stems.  Students were asking questions while student was looking up the information.  I opined that the child of the singer Prince had that malady and the hard decision of letting the child die without heroic measures was done.

My beauty pagent, cheerleader, black barbie student was appalled.  "couldn't they do something?  Like a brain transplant."  I understand that she really meant she wanted a place where no children would die.

I have rarely held my tongue so hard....*no darling, if they could you'd be first in line.*

Sunday, November 8, 2015

product review for those with old eyes

I have had to wear glasses since I was in first grade, a short break as my far sighted became nearsighted.  After my cataract surgery last year, there was a price.  I do not have to wear glasses but close up was sacrificed.  I have reading, which I use when I have to, and then when I think about it; and distance for driving.  One doctor says I'm okay the other says no.  Oh well, I bought the glasses and they are in my car and the reading in my carry bag.

But still since I teach science I have to look at small things.  And I want to excite my students

hence this...

Satech LED magnifier.  I bought it through Amazon.  I thought it was smaller, but it definitately does the job.  My husband wants one of his own when he is going through small print, so I have one in the Amazon cart.  I am thinking about putting a paracord knot around the outside.  Look at the difference in the magnification and the ease of seeing.

The LED light turns on when you push down.  push light on.  push light off.  and there is a control to turn it off so it does not turn on in a bag.

If  and when I show this to my students tomorrow, I will have to pry this out of their hands.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

rural town

Student in the morning, "I hit a duck driving to school."

(relax according to student the duck just stumbled away.)