Saturday, August 27, 2016

"come home..."

conversation with my 95 year old father

*now my grandfather funeral had this "he made his peace with his family, himself , his God and his fellow man."*

 My father wants the same said of him.

me "'you're not scared of die ing.  You are scared of die ing badly.  you want "your wife, daughter, parents, and brothers, among others; are waiting for you and right now your remaining children are being called to tell them you did not wake up.'  You don't want the realization that 'there is a machine keepine me alive.  I hope they turn it off."

My husband's grandfather had machines keeping him alive.  and he would point at them, we knew what he wanted.  But my Mother in law wanted him alive so she could get payments and support as he lived and there was nothing anybody could do.

Monday, August 22, 2016

me too

We, my daughter, her teaching colleague and colleague's 1.5 year old son have decided to go to The Big City to get fabric.  Map fabric so the History teacher can have a skirt.

Conversations keep revolving around teaching, except for toddler who would howl like an adorable wolf puppy.  Senior skip day..."our kids could not put it together.  I suggested that instead of one thing they do groups, one group wanted to fish and barbecue, one wanted the trampoline park, my geeky kids wanted to watch Dr. Who and have pizza."

colleague..."heck sign me up for senior skip day...."

later after picking up other daughter and fixing my freshly broken driving glasses...

My daughter and colleague are singing to fussy kinda sounds familiar.

Me:  "What are you singing...?"

buddy...."from Rent."  I recognize it as the "end of the millinium song."

Me:" your kid is going to so f888 when he grows up."

there was a lots of giggling then from the back seat.

(still have car seat in car, can't figure out how to detatch it and they have a spare.)

Monday, August 15, 2016

wow..again stories I never knew about

Hidden Figures  a film about black female computers.

I am reading _Rocket_Girls_ about the female computers...I knew about the black ones.

I need to show this to my students on a slow day, then show them trig charts and my slide rule

"Do not ever complain about the math I give you."

Sunday, August 7, 2016

last day

Tomorrow I start training.  I have reestablished my mentor status and will be helping our biology novice.  Technically I'm department head.  One problem is my other colleague does not do labs.  My novice and I agree that we will do labs once a week.  She's a little scared but I conviced her we could do it.  Heck I conviced her that properly done, with the SBE we have, Labs are less work than worksheets.

I'm investigating practical chemistry...*smile*

Sunday, June 5, 2016


Our higher ups embrace the concept of STEM.  Until it costs money.  It seems though that what is STEM means good photo op with robots and computers.  Welding is STEM, sewing is STEM, making or fixing anything with your hands, brain is STEM.

I was able to convince our higher ups to purchase a 3D printer for the lab.  Any student can use it with permission or my fellow colleagues.  We can make models for teaching or students can do projects.  No cell phone cases though.  It must be a school project.

Monday, May 9, 2016

I keep encountering this feldercarp in training.

Look at is.

first all the numbers are rounded.
Reading 10%?


Then why have books.

A simple e search shows where this came from.

Want to believe students learn from doing?  Fine.

But use the right stuff.

Sunday, April 24, 2016


Movies are another way to tell our stories.

I saw this trailer.

I am _not_ an Indian is a noble savage person.   But I shared this with my History counterpart who's son is a small movie maker.  And my daughter.  We agree.  We _have_ to see this....

from Oklahoma...  My husband's state...