Tuesday, June 11, 2019


I am working on fixing the Friden calculator.  I have cleaned much.,  I got it spinning and moving I got a power cord that works.

The motor was sparking.  I was not sure if the problem was dirt and oil or if something was grounding.  Then as I am checking and seeing if it is working and experimenting, it jams and a tooth on the gear work.  I call my husband in who tells me that if I can remove the gear I can probably order another one.  Oh well its not working, what have a got to loose.  I'm  going to take it apart to see if I can loosen that gear and look at the motor better.  Maybe I can rewire it.

The first part is to remove the carriage.  Then I can get a better view.  I'm taking pictures so I can see what is happening and put it back together.

Removing two bolt heads can help me get it off I hope.  Then just take apart to learn.

either I will fix this or get another while having a prototype.  But only after I get a bunch of other jobs done.

Monday, June 3, 2019

new project

Here is a STW10 Friden calculator

The same as here in Katherine Johnson's (true life Hidden Figures character)
I started liking the idea of Manual typewriters, but considering my job, the calculator works better.  It does not work yet, I do not have a cord.  It needs a lot of cleaning.

I have found many helpful links, including the Service Manual from the Internet Archive.

This video has a hand crank that you can use for checking at 5:06. 

My husband looked at it and determined that a 1/4 inch bolt with 28 turns per inch would fit into the slot and possibly turn it with the help of a socket wrench.  The carriage is not moving and I am working slowly.  Tonight is cleanser and Qtips.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

chemistry notejournal

I have my students keep a notejournal for chemistry class.  One of my students goes above and beyond just writing things off the board.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

gaffer tape

Like many teachers, my classroom is painted cinder block.  It is hard to put things on it.  Hot glue can work.  But I need to change things with our Standards Based Education.  Duct tape and packing tape work, but Duct tape has a residue.  I have found that gaffer tape works well.  Since it is cloth, t tears easily and feels nicer on the hands. With the colors, I can color code things.  Coding things the students use is good.  I made holders for the tape using the 3 D printer.  The Neon green and pink I like are in constant danger of being scarfed by students.  But if they want to be creative, so be it.
It turns out I had bought a good quality gaffer tape.

writes like butter

I am not sure where I heard of Blackwing.  I knew of them when I went to a art store that carried them.  I have had a box I went throw.  Although the claims of the lead carry, the best is the fact that the erasers can be replaced. 

I rarely saw a pencil that wore out before the eraser was gone.  I bought, at a pen show, a sampler set.  There are three kinds of Blackwing.  I am not sure about the cover for the end.  I bought some clips so I could put them into my pocket.  They do feel different.  The price is about 2 dollars each.  The sharpener is strange.  There are two sections one for the wood and one for the lead to make a point.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Domestic bliss

We purchased some cloth bags for gardening.  This is so we can move things around as needed instead of in the soil.  The local transfer station (landfill area) has free compost.  All you need is an appointment and a truck or trailer.  We put some fertilizer and ammonia mix to break it down.  The bags are ready to go.  The squash look like they took the transplant well.  I have pepper plants for the empty ones.  I will be getting flowers for the front garden after I throw some of the compost into them.

Sunday, March 3, 2019


Super Glue is needed sometime in life.  But I ran into a problem that the tubes would not work.  Locktite is better.  The amount can be controlled by squeezing the sides of the bottle to prevent over use.  The secure cap helps to prevent drying out.