Thursday, October 20, 2016

Book Review A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms by George RR Martin

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms Song of Fire and Ice creator  George RR Martin takes place in the Game of Thrones universe.  The charcters are Dunk and Egg.  Dunk, or Ser Duncan the Tall, is a poor Hedge knight, a knight who must sleep in the hedges for he has no lord.  Dunk was squire to an older hedge knight, Dunk knows no other life.  Egg is Aegon the grandson of the current king of Westeros. Egg is ten when through events of the first section, becomes Dunk's squire at the age of ten.
The book is three parts.  How Dunk and Egg met at a tourney.  Dunk and Egg's working for a minor lord in a squabble over a dam during a drought.  Then another tourney where they stumble into men of power and ambition.

Unlike the Song of Fire and Ice, this book seems light hearted.  Dunk and Egg simply are.  Dunk knows only what the "old man" who taught him about knights.  Dunk truly believes in honor.  Although he berates himself as "Dunk the Lunk," Dunk is smart, just not educated and he cannot read.  He has insights into things.  Egg on the other hand, is educated as befits a Dragon Prince.  Egg must hide his identity as a prince, not because he must, but because he has choosen to follow the life.  When he interacts with those that know the truth, he is proud and not afraid.

The book has lavish black and white illustrations which are true to the characters' descriptions.

Hail TechnoCeaser

Our school has some extra funding for Science.  Now we can use it for supplies, but that seems passe, I can generally get anything I want.  Except for replacing the worn out lab stations, that we have trouble doing.

I would like to have an afternoon STEM program.  Projects the students can do.  Things that would take an afternoon.  My ultimate plan is to make it a class, but I would need another classroom for all the supplies.

I asked my students what they might want to make with such a thing.  "can we make robots that fight each other?" he said hopefully.  I'm not having you make things that power cut or throw flames.

"come on we'd learn something."

Book Review Star Wars Death Star

I realized that I was not reading new books but would instead putter around reading old books.  Many of not great quality.  So I came up with a plan.  I would pick a book from the stack starting at a given place, read the book then write a review.  Craft books or such I would work on projects when encountering them,  cookbooks a new recipe would be tried.

Star Wars Death Star by Michael Reaves and Steve Perry

Rating  **** out 5

Plot well driven with characters moving the actions.
Characters were mutliple and well developed.  We do get an inkling into the mind of the Star Wars bad guys of the film, Darth Vade, Wilhuff Tarkin, General Motti, and General Tagge.  There are scenes recreated from the movie, such as the meeting where Vader force chocks Tagge, "as you wish."  There is Leia capture and the destruction of Alderaan. But these are things happenning in the plot, not the main focus, these are situations for the new characters to tell their stories through.  A librarian, an escaped prisoner, a martial arts expert, a conscripted builder, a medical doctor and a bar owner end up on and working on the Death Star.  There stories are told how they ended up there and their horror at what they are actually doing.  Aptly handled is the force awakening of the martial arts expert.  The story pulls you along as the chapters change telling the story from the point of view of the current character.

Introduced is Admiral Daala, who appears later in the Expanded Universe series.

If you have not read any of the Star Wars novels this is a good one to be your first.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

"come home..."

conversation with my 95 year old father

*now my grandfather funeral had this "he made his peace with his family, himself , his God and his fellow man."*

 My father wants the same said of him.

me "'you're not scared of die ing.  You are scared of die ing badly.  you want "your wife, daughter, parents, and brothers, among others; are waiting for you and right now your remaining children are being called to tell them you did not wake up.'  You don't want the realization that 'there is a machine keepine me alive.  I hope they turn it off."

My husband's grandfather had machines keeping him alive.  and he would point at them, we knew what he wanted.  But my Mother in law wanted him alive so she could get payments and support as he lived and there was nothing anybody could do.

Monday, August 22, 2016

me too

We, my daughter, her teaching colleague and colleague's 1.5 year old son have decided to go to The Big City to get fabric.  Map fabric so the History teacher can have a skirt.

Conversations keep revolving around teaching, except for toddler who would howl like an adorable wolf puppy.  Senior skip day..."our kids could not put it together.  I suggested that instead of one thing they do groups, one group wanted to fish and barbecue, one wanted the trampoline park, my geeky kids wanted to watch Dr. Who and have pizza."

colleague..."heck sign me up for senior skip day...."

later after picking up other daughter and fixing my freshly broken driving glasses...

My daughter and colleague are singing to fussy kinda sounds familiar.

Me:  "What are you singing...?"

buddy...."from Rent."  I recognize it as the "end of the millinium song."

Me:" your kid is going to so f888 when he grows up."

there was a lots of giggling then from the back seat.

(still have car seat in car, can't figure out how to detatch it and they have a spare.)

Monday, August 15, 2016

wow..again stories I never knew about

Hidden Figures  a film about black female computers.

I am reading _Rocket_Girls_ about the female computers...I knew about the black ones.

I need to show this to my students on a slow day, then show them trig charts and my slide rule

"Do not ever complain about the math I give you."

Sunday, August 7, 2016

last day

Tomorrow I start training.  I have reestablished my mentor status and will be helping our biology novice.  Technically I'm department head.  One problem is my other colleague does not do labs.  My novice and I agree that we will do labs once a week.  She's a little scared but I conviced her we could do it.  Heck I conviced her that properly done, with the SBE we have, Labs are less work than worksheets.

I'm investigating practical chemistry...*smile*