Sunday, June 5, 2016


Our higher ups embrace the concept of STEM.  Until it costs money.  It seems though that what is STEM means good photo op with robots and computers.  Welding is STEM, sewing is STEM, making or fixing anything with your hands, brain is STEM.

I was able to convince our higher ups to purchase a 3D printer for the lab.  Any student can use it with permission or my fellow colleagues.  We can make models for teaching or students can do projects.  No cell phone cases though.  It must be a school project.

Monday, May 9, 2016

I keep encountering this feldercarp in training.

Look at is.

first all the numbers are rounded.
Reading 10%?


Then why have books.

A simple e search shows where this came from.

Want to believe students learn from doing?  Fine.

But use the right stuff.

Sunday, April 24, 2016


Movies are another way to tell our stories.

I saw this trailer.

I am _not_ an Indian is a noble savage person.   But I shared this with my History counterpart who's son is a small movie maker.  And my daughter.  We agree.  We _have_ to see this....

from Oklahoma...  My husband's state...

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

hey, one day it will be a college.

years ago, at the school I was at, the decision was that once a week teachers would wear college shirts.  I got several from places that don't exist.  My Star Fleet engineering cadet shirt died finally.  I need a replacement.

hands on

During Spring Break I went to a trade tech show.  I bought many things.  I am glad to say I use them.  One thing was a telescope lens.  See previous post.  I wanted to put leather around it to let it lay on things and not be scratched and to keep the edges from chipping.

So first I measured it using the drafting kit I had.  I brought out some old geometry skills to find the center.
Then cut the bottom and the top from leather.  No problem though I was guessing on how much.  Hand sew it on, use glue to hold it together first.  Have it wet so the leather shapes around it.  The only problem was the water made the black thread bleed.  I used binder clips to secure it on.
Almost nice like this.  the binder clips left inpressions that did fade in tiem.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

retro trade show

My husband and I went to a retro trade show.  I bought a lens with the plan to put a leather frame on it to use in class.
A gentleman rebuilt typewriters.
I have an old one left from a project and I have decided to fix it up.  Problem already is when I took some screws out they fell apart.  I have one I can use as a sample. The carrage does not advance, I think I have the wiring that is needed to make this happen.

So Slide Rules, including a class one I am showing my students.  Calipers, a _good_ metal micrometer.  I have used the drafting set already to measure the leather for the lens.

buy american

I realized my feet had hurt, my husband and I were on the way to the big city so we stopped at Gander Mountain for shoes.

I got two lovely pairs but I also purchased these made in America socks.

They are awesome.  Warm, stretchy, fit my normally small feet.  I have decided that every time I throw away a pair of socks, I am going to get another pair of these.