Wednesday, January 25, 2017

why did you ask this question?

One of my math colleagues lives in another town than where we teach.  She does not like the school system there so has permission for her son to attend our school.  He is not in my class yet. Bright and freespirited.
I am talking about prom with another math teacher about prom, when Mom shows up.  She has some questions we talk about.  Son shows up.

Mom..."who's earring is that?"  pointed at the grarish thing.

Son,  "mine."

I am laughing and dying at my seat.  "*Son*," I say..."can I shake your hand.?"

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

When they complain, it is working.

One of my jobs is to watch the parking lot in the afternoon.  The job is kinda useless.  We have cameras.  What can I do?  "stop, or I'll yell stop again."

So as I am out there I tell them to put their seatbelts on.  I understand they are invulnerable, they are young.  But they grew up with the alarms and the warnings.  I don't get it.

Talk to a group in the car.  "put your belts on."

"we haven't started the car."

"really"  surprised look (patented) "so you plan on putting the belts on when you start the car?  put the belt on ,"  glance to other drivers, "you know your could be hit by another car."

Today at the parking lot, a student asked me to check a specific student.  to make sure the belt was on.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

breaking bad

This week my students are studying electron configuration.  One of my students made the observation of Heisenberg rule, "that's where 'Breaking Bad' guy got his name from?"

I'm not sure I like the demo.  I do flame lab but I let the kids do it with powder.  And he's not wearing his safety googles.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

samantha swords

That really is her name. She is an award winning sword fighter, geek, actress and round about good guy.

Friday, November 4, 2016

things I tell my students Part one

forget writing a novel month, I am writing a fact book.

"and now boys and girls since we have the window that can see when the police car arrives to deal with student we need a protocol.

1. Everybody may get up to look for 1.45 minutes, after that, eveybody sits down.
2. No taking pictures with cell phones or other digital devices.
3. I will designate an observer who's job is to keep and eye on the window and inform the class of changes. Such as "dude, his mom just pulled up and is slapping him upside the head."
4 If student is in handcuffs and being put in the car, the monitor will inform after the police car has pulled away. somebody is worthy of some privacy.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

blast from the past

Our school has an event at this time of Halloween where the students dress as famous people from history and tell the story.  I meet Frida Kahlo, 2 Sacajaweas, 2 Pocahontas (one after she was English-ed), and a fabulous (three snaps for the costume) Montezuma; among others.  Students try for group concepts so they have back up.  The Triangle shirt fire victims and owners was good.  My adult daughter was with me and loved the one who was Elizabeth Hamilton. The student was a singer so I could not argue with "she got all the information from the musical."

I ran into two former student who are now on college.  One said college chemistry was easy I had taught him everything.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

simple skills

What is your favorite thing to cook. I have realized that my favorite is the humble meatloaf. My husband likes it. I enjoy making it. . Meatloaf is like an apron or a sawhorse.

Why? because these very basic things can relay the skill of the creator. Aprons are simple, but a stylish apron can show the skill of the sewer above and beyond other people. People applying for a carpenter's job on site, years ago, were asked to make a sawhorse as their interview. So to does the humble meatloaf show the skill and art of the cook.