Saturday, October 29, 2011


My mother was share cropper family. She even picked cotton by hand. Literally had clothes made from flour sacks. Part of a training day was riding the bus to see where our kids lived. If you do not work, surely you have time to clean the debris from you yard?

I know part is you need a truck, and then to pay to go to landfill, but at least move it. My mother would be having a fit.

well,...I'm stand up...

I confiscated another cell phone yesterday. From a cheerleader. Later on, my brother had a student repeat what he said about me. "no she's beautiful, she doesn't show any preference." This from a kid who also I had taken a cell phone from.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Like many people who shoot and carry guns, hubby and I went to a class to learn how to shoot better and safer. As the introductions started, name, job, town; one man from my town who was East Asian appearance stated that he had become an American Citizen in March and was there to practice his 2nd Amendment rights.

Of course there was applause all around.