Saturday, April 20, 2013

take a chance

Years ago, there was a TV show by the creators of All in the Family.  "Good Times", it was about a poor black family in the public housing.  They were not shown on welfare or support (though I'm sure technically they were eligible for it)  The father worked, hard physical labor but not enough they could move out to a not crime ridden place.
The series was known for J.J. and his catch phrase "dynomite."
In retrospect one episode, now has struck me.  The father had a chance to go and work on the Alaska pipeline, making good money.
The family complained they would loose friends and their way of life if they moved.  And the wife objected to the husband going on his own.

I realize this was simply a sit com, but why not take a chance?  Why stay in a place with no chance of advancement, in one of the most dangerous and corrupt cities in America?  Alaska (or Texas or the Dakotas or other places...) had/has vast opportunities.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

bolt from the blue

I have students who still do not understand the basic naming of chemical compounds.  I mean how hard is it to understand "copper (II)..."  means the copper has a plus 2 charge?  Then I realized.  "They do not want to learn it."  They are perfectly content to muddle through ignorant.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Need more geeks

A while back I bought some T shirts to wear on tshirt day.  For college day I had "star trek academy engineering" shirt.  I have also a Miskantonic shirt.  In addition I have a Wonder Woman shirt with the simple "WW" logo from the Women's lib age.  A student asked me why I had a World Wrestling shirt on.