Friday, March 27, 2015

range time

First time I was at the range since my eye surgery.

I could not get my rifle scope to zero.  Part of the problem without my reading glasses I had trouble seeing to make adjustments on the scope.  Eventually I ran out of rounds. I will go back later after practicing unloaded with the scope.  And then make sure I have my reading glasses.  That and have a target with multiple sites so after a time I can shift instead of "did I just do that or was that the old one?"

I felt good though.  I shot over a hundred rounds so I'm more comfortable with the rifle.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

geek on

I went to a science fiction convention while visiting my father.  I would not spend as much time as a might, family obligations.  But also I did not want to veg in his room while he took his afternoon nap or his morning nap.

So I am finally finishing up my projects.

Costuming is cool, but since I am large and middle aged, there are few things I will not wear. 

I do have a Star Wars Rebel Trooper costume.  (anybody asks, I'm a cook)

The obligatory Jedi outfit.

I am now finishing up my Battlestar Galactica costume.  The shirt is done and the pants need to be cuffed.  A few more easily purchased items, belt, tshirt boots and it is done.