Monday, May 31, 2010


Love the icon

My father was retired military and a leader in a veteran's organization. Memorial
Day, Flag Day, Veteran's Day, we were always at a ceremony or a cemetary.

I went to the local one's again. One veteran honored was my daughter's Army recruiter.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

queen Elizabeth's corgies are jealous

I love food. Currently in the fridge is a rack of baby back ribs with a gentle rub on them. Later they will be gently braised with a sweet sauce or mustard.

I dearly love Eggs Benedict (though I can't handle poached eggs, I just fry them). So I get up and make the Hollandaise sauce per Julia Child, fry three eggs for each of us, toast, canadian bacon. My husband doesn't like the sauce. No Problem, he just doesn't eat it. I make small amount but some is left, so I throw in the left over egg whites and cook it up. The contents of the pan are dribbled over my loyal corgie's dry kibbles. At least his coat will be shiny.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Now the greatest gift any adult can to a child is time. Time spent showing how to catch a baseball, knit a scarf, or help with a chore. The simple task of setting the table for young children can be awesome. An adult can do it faster than a child, and it can be done much faster if you did not have to give instructions.

Children understand this. Whenever I stay late to help, work with struggling student through lunch or attend a school sports game, the students understand that I am giving up my time.

So to is graduation. Teachers are not required to attend but I do anyway, even though I live 40 plus miles away from school. I showed up early and met with the seniors all lined up in their robes. Some I have to blink at to recognize, some shave, many girls have put on make up for the first time. All of mine are excited to see me. "mrs.'ve dress up"

"just for you Jonathon."

Hugs are all around. Many students are coming over to make sure they meet me and get a comment. Most of mine are going to college and have one type of scholarship or another. My best students have full scholarships. The ones giving speeches are rehearsing their lines. I am tons of support, "remember if you don't pass out or hurl, everything else is a bonus."

I will say this for our school.

When graduation say "6 o'clock" we do not kid. One member of the school board came running in covered in sweat, we would have started without him.

I glance back. They are in our school's tradition of students in a circle swaying back and forth. Some will go to parties, some will go home with families or out to an out of town decent restaurant. This is their moment. I'm done with them, I push the door open, got through, and walk to my car.

Friday, May 14, 2010

It must be mine

The cold weather, time and the wreckage taking down two trees have taken a toll on the yard.

Our over 50 roses have dwindle.

We are ripping out the bad roses that have no more to give and getting new ones.

I'm perusing through the web and finally find some green roses. Whoever I bought some from many years ago folded. These are much better. I bought some Judy Garland ones too, replacing the ones that died. Look I have an Oz patch, judy garland, yellow rose in the middle, minature "over the rainbow" in the East of the patch, "elphaba" green roses in the west. A neighbor who is gay loves this.

Then glancing at the poorly designed web site..."Julie Newmar"? Wow! I knew the grand lady was an avid gardener. I ordered one without even seeing it. She is where I get my expression "I don't have hobbies, I have obsessions."

So here she is, enshined in florabunda, Broadway actress, dancer, businesslady and gay icon, the only true Catwoman

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

why question Kagan?

She's not a judge. No problem for me. I think there are too many judges on the court anyway. Lets not only have not judges, lets try having a real person. Like my neighbor who's a contractor.

My question to her would be "are you a moral coward?"

When she was Dean at Harvard, she would not allow military recruiters on campus because of "don't ask don't tell policy" which she found as a moral outrage.

It is long agreed that an unjust law is no law at all. Citizens and civilians and military personnel must often draw the line on what their concious says. Though few governments or their agencies have ever thrown up their hands and and says "wow, You're right we're messed up." It requires sacrifice and courage. Our founding fathers opposed injustice, promising their lives, fortunes and sacred honor. Henry David Thoreau went to jail for refusing to pay a tax to support a war he found wrong. Those brave souls who fought for civil rights risked jail, beatings and death in the pursuit of Dr. Kings vision of a country where we are judged by our character. In a country once known as Burma, Aung San Suu Ky risks it every day under house arrest by the generals who rule her country.

When the Solomon act required that she do so, or loose federal money, she caved. She did not resign in protest for having to agree with something unjust. She did not say "go pound sand", and appeal to alumni or concerned citizens for extra money. She shrugged her shoulders and said "oh well".

I am sure she justified it with the "greater good" argument, but there are some things you are not supposed to compromise on. As I tell my students, "somewhere you draw a line, where that line is, that is up to you, but you draw a line of you shall not pass."

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Right now the school systems is training the evaluators.
One day our principal, the principals from the middle and elementary school, the trainer and I think a few characters from Shrek came in (okay I didn't know who they were) came in and observed my class.

There were more observers than students.

They asked several students "what are you doing?" this is to check if the students understand what we trying to instruct.

After they left my students wondered what was going on wondered when they were getting their reward of cookies, and almost said "we're doing that *pointing to assignment and objective on board* "cant you read."

I relayed this story to the principal he said next time the students should say that. He can't stand the lady doing the training.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

she'll make a fine officer

My youngest is still waiting for her ship date for basic training then OCS. In the meantime my little intellectual is training for the military. Recruiters are now responsible for training and exercising the new troops under the future soldiers program.

She's finding out she likes exercising. Plus it helps relieve the stress she is under. She purchased a program, Yourself Fitness for the Playstation. You type in your weight, height, pulse rate and a quick evaluation of your strength and it sets you up. So she shames me into checking out out. We get me through it, two minutes of jumping jacks...yea right. How many pushups. Me "Three"..."mom you didn't do any.."


Then she set up the workout..."okay I"m done."

You didn't do it all.

I did all that other stuff, that counts as a workout.

Get back here woman.

Okay 15 minutes of cardio...106 calories burned according to the program.

"Lets have a doughnut."

quote of the day

One of my co workers liked what I told a whiney class.

"of course this is hard, this is an advanced class."

Friday, May 7, 2010

book of the day

30 Years of Adventure a celebration of Dungeons and Dragons.

Published in 2004, this is already out of date with the publication of D&D 4.0. The book has high graphics. I am old enough to remember playing Chainmail, and the little booklets that had no organization. Those are mentioned. The history with Gygax and Dave Arnson.

There are segments by famous people who play the game. The intro is by Vin Diesel. My students recognized many of the authors who were singers. Of course Whil Wheaton has a page.

There is a history of the game, the good the bad and the corporate.

Every gamer should read it. It is _not_ a rule book, just about the game.