Wednesday, July 21, 2010


My brother is staying with us for at time and is helping garden.

A raised bed has been cleared then planted with bok Choy and snow peas. He leveled out some rocks that are holding back some erosion. I weeded my labyrinth along with laying out some more seeds in the trays. He's now tilling an area where I want to plant some radishes. I'm going to lay down some more peat moss in the strawberries. Mental note if we go to the hardware store either get there or the garden store we love a new sprayer and a rain gauge.

Hubby is sanding the bathroom door for repainting. He's spent two days doing this, I'm to the point of "just get another F** door."

Friday, July 9, 2010

home improvement

Like many homeowners we make improvements every year to the house.

This year we installed a jacuzzi. We thought it would take a week.

It's taken a month, and still not done. Remove old sheet rock, which was covered by previous remodeling by wood paneling. Wait for plumber to start, he's on another job
Get toilet and sink out of way, removed old bathtub to see what kind of pipes are in and what is needed and find part of floor and floor joist needs replacing...etc etc

Finally the walls are painted, jacuzzi works, toilet back in place..still need to put in medicine cabinet, get faucet in sink.

To youngest daughter who is staying with us... "here's 20 bucks, go watch a movie, your father and I have a bottle of wine, strawberries and we need to make sure the jacuzzi works. Unless you want serious psychological damage and be around for the floor show."

Friday, July 2, 2010

why I carry

Its nearby. We've made sure at night that the cars and were locked. We are involved in our usual summer home improvement project, this year a jacuzzi. When the electrician came we asked for more motion detector lights.

why do I do this?

Again this summer I teach an ACT prep class. The goal is to raise students' ACT scores. Last year was a blast, one student after the class raised her score 3 points. They tried. This year we have to hunt them down after a break. As I told the counselor, "we have no way to control them, the only thing we can do is kick them out."

One student said "what do you care, you still get paid." Yea, but if your scores don't go up, the program doesn't get renewed. Our worst offenders are some graduated seniors who are trying to get their grades up enough to get out of remedial college classes. I wish I could wake them up to the economics of it. You have to pay for a class that you get _no_ credit for when taking a remedial class.

One student has potential for a football scholarship. His ACT score sucks. He will not be eligible for college. As I said, "he works nights he has a child which he has assumed responsibiltiy for, he drifts off in class, but he's not gonna make it."

I threatened to quit, and i would if it were not for the fact the class is almost over.