Saturday, January 30, 2010

Book of the day

My children learned to read partly from Calvin and Hobbes. There was only so much time in the day for us to read, so they taught themselves.
They actually tried the alien robot in a cardboard box in search of cookies. First kid tried it, I gave a cookie. The other two looked at each other with a *ding* look. Later, seemingly two other robots showed up looking for cookies.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

One reason I do my job

Comment I made to a newer teacher.

"you and I have no idea what kind of hell our kids have at home."

At least once a month I am deeply disturbed or humbled by my students

Children who live with grandparents, or other relatives because the parents are druggies.
The tourette syndrome child, who cannot go to a movie
The child who _must_ be on the cheerleader team because she has a medical condition that if she is not active, she will go blind and possible candidate for Crohn's disease.
The child with juvenile arthritis.
The child who does not know what his next meal will be.
The child who has never had someone say in word or deed, "you are the most important thing in my life.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

need pocket knife

The next time I'm out on an errand to Walmart I plan on checking out the gerber knives. The pocket knife I have is a little big. Plus I need one for the workshop next week.

4 lovely days, doing stupid, and I mean stupid stuff that will supposedly make me a better teacher. 2 of my comments have been "If they make me do a balloon sculpture" or "if they make me do a puppet show" ..."I will hurt somebody".

I'm told they make us make dolls representing the "student who fell through the cracks". No student of mine "fell". They may have jumped, many were certainly pushed, but none "fell". We spent a great deal of time and effort trying to save these kids. Often to the detriment of other students.

One of my coworkers who has to come with me asked when learning of the dolls "can we stick pins in them."

The pocket knife? I and considering gutting it open and taking the stuffing out of the doll, just to see what will happen.

Okay I won't do that I'll be a professional, ...but I'm not going to be quiet about it.

Monday, January 4, 2010

prepping for school

Today was first day of school. I was not there because I was getting a medical test done. As far as my health, and my doctor's schedule I go when they tell me. Nothing wrong, even blood count and blood pressure are in normal range.

So after napping off the anesthesia and general puttering around, I got myself ready for school tomorrow.

Lesson plans, check, done before I left for break. Even went in over break and left instructions for today's substitute.

Observation forms filled out. Not check will tomorrow, formal observation set for Friday. I schedule early in case things happened.

Fountain pens filled, check. Red, black and the blue. Blue supposedly does not show on copies will test it.

New posters printed, laminated and ready to put up, double check, I now have 2 student aids to help me with this.

Word wall. not yet either will give to aids to do or as assignment to students. (word wall is stupid, by the time I get it done and up I've moved on. But this is what I'm told to do.

Student work on walls Again not yet, again stupid.

Bag packed, check. Have professional bag with notepads, pens and calendar etc Have Versipack with first aid kit and emergency supplies.

Clothing. Check, ironed mostly and ready to go with some new outfits.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

first aid kit

Considering my long drive and just general preparedness, I finally got inspired to assemble my first aid kit based on Nutnfancy level 1.

putting it ina bag, much better than my attempts at in a tin. I upped it by putting it in my vacum food bag then pumped the air out.

In bag now, neosporin, band aid, large pads, antacid, azo, allergy pills, latex gloves, eye drops, q tips and tape gauze.

To be put in Antiseptic Towels, butterfly strips, tylenol, iodine, sudafed, alcohol swabs, triangular bandage, true bandage (like had in army).

Friday, January 1, 2010

jedi review training

Since I do not live in New York city, or the other cities where there are training for lightsaber choreography, I must read, use online tutorials, youtube. Caine Drathul offers a DVD. He is polite, responds quickly, gave a full folder of information. Being a martial arts teacher he plans the lessons out and explains well. He is planning a second DVD.

Now I just have to train. I have not watched the entire DVD but that is lack of time.

To watch and train I need everybody out of the house, so I can watch on the TV and swing the lightsaber in the living room...the dog doesn't know how to use the video camera...:)

jedi review

After learning of the New York Jedi, I got a saber to practice with from Saberforge. I cannot find anything wrong with the blade though I wish the customer service would be a little better. There were no instructions. I emailed for help and the email back was curt with little help. It took me a while and a trip to some web sites to figure out out that the battery pack came out so batteries could be put in. I am now trying to put a soundcard in it. Since I have never soldered before this is slow going with the cold and damp. If I can't fix it I suppose I will send it back and ask Saberforge to do it for a small fee. I did not think at the time I wanted sound when I got it.

how many angels dance on pinheads?

There is a theory that says people learn 3 different ways. Verbally, visually and kinesthetically (physical memory). One of our consultants really harps on it, "your worst students are kinesthetic learners." Now I've done some reading. There is no viable test for learning styles. The tests look more like something out of the self evaluation page in Cosmo magazine. In fact right now learning styles is being questioned as there is no criteria.

In 2 weeks I have to have a 4 day workshop with the consultants. I will loose my cool whenever anybody makes a faux scientific statement. "your worst students..yada yada."

Me "Learning style theory is not viable."

"there is tons of research."

"there's never been a double blind study, besides explain to me how to kinesthetically teach the Gettysburg address."

Now I know what this woman does, she was told this by someone else, who was told by someone else...Nobody in the chain ever looked at the data.

I warn my principal. "tact, I know what that is, holds stuff to my bulletin board."