Wednesday, February 15, 2012

you say that like its a bad word

The middle school dean of students, who used to teach at the high school, came over to do some paperwork. She relayed the story of a girl who slapped another girl because "she called me a bitch". Dean related the idea of control, and dealing with consequences. She had the girl look up the definition. "See it means opinionated woman, so the next time somebody calls you that tell them to capitalize it."

Friday, February 3, 2012

how crazy

Today's lab chemistry students were supposed to determine the amount of vitamin C in fruit juices. Students all day saw the bottles of fruit juice on the counter.

"Can I have some?"

I know this question is coming. It comes every year. What? The walmart is around the corner, do you not eat enough?

"no, you do not want to anyway"

"why not?"

Real reason, it violates safety, there are things in the lab, pipets are being put into the bottles, and its not my job to cater to you.

What I tell them. "I spit in them so you would not want to."

Glance from student. She just might be crazy enough to do it.