Sunday, August 30, 2015


After a full saturday of work in the shed, dinner and quality time with friends.  Hubby is not feeling well this morning.  He is gently resting in his chair.  It lets the pain from kidney stones be better.

I'm grading using the awesomeness of google classroom.  I'm typing grades and comments into their reports.

hubby..."can you type quieter?"

Monday, August 24, 2015

questions they ask

"can we listen to music while we work?"

Sure no problem.  Pachelbel it is.

future businessman

Our school has very popular football.

After all this is the south.

It seems that before I arrived, a student had his flashlight, sign and receipt book.

He was selling parking spots near the game.

The issue was it was the free spots on campus.

He needs to be in my husband's college business class.

Things they always tell me

"I don't have time to study. "  because..."I have a job."

your job is to go to school.

"I work better listening to music."

Go to the counselor, have her give you the test for this.

"are you going to issue books, or can we have a class group."

you have to carry them, I don't have room just because you are lazy.

"are you going to give a lot of homework."

*evil smile*

Saturday, August 15, 2015

school copier

There were some deranged teachers this Saturday setting up the classroom.  And the copier ran out of paper.  Paper is locked in the principal's office.  Somebody, who will remain nameless, had pointed out the issue and had gotten some permission to have extra paper (extras were to be returned)
After ethics training this week, I don't think I can put this in the power point for the first day.