Sunday, March 29, 2009

cooking experiement

Husband and I have talked about getting biscuits. So started this morning with the traditional _Joy_of_cooking biscuit recipe. It seems okay. I do not have a biscuit cutter anymore so I simply cut it up into squares. This worked without burning the corners.

I made fried chicken via alton brown. They were a little underdone. I have to measure the temperature and time more carefully. I did my first attempt at navaho fried bread. This is a success and it can either become a dessert covered with honey or later I will make them flatter and make fluffy tacos.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Well, I always wanted to be one

why carry a gun

The news report in our paper held back on something until several columns in.
The robber, the "purse snatcher", pointed a gun. This is not a purse snatch, this is armed robbery and I am allowed to use deadly force.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I would have made a good guhral

Saturday, March 7, 2009

sleep of the just

sleep of the just
It is finally warm enough to do outside stuff today. Husband is building an add on to the shed to store lawnmower, tiller and gardening tools, along with a side shelf to store his wood. I planted blackberries and other things, tended my labyrinth, labeled herbs. A while back I bought a label printer and copper stick in the ground labels. Now I know what is in the soil. I tilled two beds in prep for planting. We have several trays read with sprouted plants including heirloom tomatoes. Helping hubby by holding things. I'm also making a stand up target for throwing knifes at it (hey some people play golf). This is taking time since I am using dowels to hold it together and must share the drill. I just remembered there is another, smaller drill in the house, I can use that to finish.
I'm limping.
I ran some errands and we had to go to two hardware stores, one locally the other an hour away toward the end because we were out of tin for the roof.
On the anarchy homefront, the arsenal is about complete. A while back I realized that...well many things. So I've taken a Concealed weapon permit class, have purchase a pistol, him too. Today I got the last, a winchester 3030 for him and a Remington 700 .270 bolt action for me. The ranges i s far away, we don't know anybody locally who has a safe place to shoot. So on some weekends, go to big city, go to range, go to bookstore, go to gourmet grocery store.
Tomorrow it is supposed to rain, so I will be doing household stuff.
For now, aspirin, vitamins and the dirty martini await.

Monday, March 2, 2009

blood sacrifice

I have a karambit that I bought. Purchase agreement means it is dull. I finally figure out how to sharpen the inside curve, using the corner of a sharpening stone. It finally happened, I gouged the knuckle of a hand holding the stone. At least now I know it is getting sharp.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I got my NASA minigrant chekc. For any teacher there is a 500 dollar grant by NASA. The paperwork is very easy, fill out an application form that is easier than a driver's license application and a list of what you want to buy.

I grew up in Florida. I could see the Apollo Moon shots. I wanted to be an astronaut. It did not happen and that is just as well.

So my NASA money is buying model rockets for my students. They must assemble them and they get to launch them. When I told my students the check was in they insisted that I order the rockets that very night.

its only worth what someone pays

I went to a gun auction yesterday hoping to steal, err, buy at a reasonable price some guns. The auction started off they had some incidental items, ammo, ammo belts...not too many of them. That angered the crowd some, they wanted the guns. Then the guns started off. The auction company was just the conduit, the guns belonged to individuals. Some of them had a stated going price, second gun auction finished and the auctioneer said the price was not what the owner set, stated the selling price, and the crowd laughed. Then the crowd got surely, basically the attitude became, "we are not going to bid high."

At the end some collector's items went up and several, like five guns, did not meet the minimum bid. "Its worth..." what ever the price stated was. I felt like saying "no sparky, its _valued_ at that price, it is only worth what somebody is willing to pay for it."

We got a 12 ga pump shotgun. The pistols they had went _way_ to high for my taste. I probably should have kept bidding on the italian mauser. Sinse I haven't set up a range yet, getting a rifle is not high until I know where I can shoot it.