Sunday, January 31, 2016

Crafting storage

Adam Savage (of Mythbusters) has several tool boxes.  As a person who works in the prop business he builds many things, for job and pleasure.  Organizing and having is necessary.  He has what he calls First Order Accessability.  Which means he likes things where he sees them.

So I made something for my sewing and crafting.  My husband helped me.  It was my first use of Forsner bits.

Thursday, January 28, 2016


For Christmas I ordered these cool bookmarks.  However, since it started in a foreign country it took time to get here.  These are great.  The finger points to where you are and it adjusting up and down is not difficult. I ordered some for my son and daughter inlaw.  When I opened the box I gave one to my husband.  He got his e reader and put the bookmark on.  "too small"  He was lucky there was nothing heavy by me.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

earth tones

I dress simply, cotton button up shirts, skits etc.  Few patterned stuff aside from strips and few polyester.

So I need to iron things.  My colleagues use steamers to keep their things done.  I'm old school, starch needs to break.

So I spent a little over an hour with this.

Mostly everything that can be pressed, has been pressed.  I ran out of the starch.
Everything is refurbished and crisp.


Tested on and its Youtube channel posted favorite things.
Many were fun then I saw this

Favorite things start at 1:50

This is not complicated, a backing, some straps.  I did some google search for instructions and found some with staples, cardboard etc

Then I made this.

It is made from elastic, some strapping, posterboard, staples and washi tape.  This is something my students can make and use for their equipment.  So I have an easy STEM project.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

food hoarder

The freezer and larder is full.  Much catfish, hamburger, porkchops added to the roasts, lamb and corn on the cob. I think there is a duck or whole chicken in there too. We actually broke one of the cabinet shelves putting the cans in.
We bought a lot of chicken on sale and decided to precook it, bag it then freeze it. Meals ready to go for stir fry, casseroles and chicken salad.

Friday, January 15, 2016


We have SBE starting at our school for 9th graders...excuse me Level 10 learners.  The powers that be thought it would be easier to do this one grade at a time.
We had a bumper crop of Physical science, a Level 10 course and I picked up the slack for one class.  I decribe my schedule as "challenging".

I have some students where they need to be, most falling behind and not caring and some who just plod.
Some days I do lock step, others they work on what they need to do.  So I spend a lot of time putting out fires.
Yesterday I threw two problem students out, the day before the same with different students.

Today the Asst Principal dealt with the referrals.

We have video in class, so everything they do can be seen.

the assistant principal came by to back me up and told me to keep trying with those students.  He also saw my one class which was packed.  He was astounded how many students were in there and I think his respect for me went up a notch.  Wierd schedule, I teach chemistry 2, 4, 6 and 8 period.  The number of students respectively is 12, 30, 17 and 8.  Go figure.

I was proud to tell him that two of my problem students worked.  I pointed out that these, and a few others, need constant reinforcement, with a large class I cannot give.  I also told him one of the problem students not only did the problem on the board, but explained to three other students how to do it.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

pen review

I am doing better writing.  David Seah mentioned a pen in his blod.  The Lamy Amazon.  This is a low cost pen, so I decided what the hey.

And bought another, my husband bought one; and I bought one as a Christmas present for the school secretary.   She loves it too.  It comes with some catridges but you can buy converters to load the ink yourself.  This write smoothly.  Mine are fine and medium nibs.  I have one with red ink for grading.

The colors are good too since I do not spend time looking for where I laid my pen.

Monday, January 11, 2016

knife review

I got a new knife for Christmas.

Tac Force EMT Edition Spring Assisted Tactical Folding Knife

This thing feels good.  I have small hands, it fits quite nicely.  I am fond of tanto points, this fits the bill.  The edge is razor sharp when it arrived, the belly is able to "bit" into what I am cutting.  It is low cost as these things should be.  I am not sur about the belt cutter part, it seems that it must be set properly.  The window breaker has a part where I can put a lanyard it.  This may become my new EDC knife.