Thursday, March 31, 2011

refering to this

My brother now teaches math at my school, I helped open the door for him and he's reasonably happy here.

During an assembly some kids were clowning, he went over and talked to them. They stood up and were quiet. His comment was "I didn't give up three years of my life for them to do this."

My brother, husband, father and I are veterans. My youngest was at that time in Army basic training.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Book of the day

Many of my students like the new tv zombie series and Zombieland movie. So I pulled this book out Zombie Survival Guide. I looked out in the class and saw three boys reading it together. One bright student said he read more of that book than any other reading he's done. I promised I would bring the sequel World War Z after break. It is a book allowed for AR points and I would loan it first come first served for the rest of the year.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Book of the day

(really more like the week)

The Art of the Fellowship of the Ring A book just like it sounds. The creative process for the first of the Lord of the Rings movie. Beautiful sketches, drawings and models from the geniuses at WETA.
Many of my students who are creative, especially one who is Eowyn in another life, looked at it.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

best birth control

Its morning. a student walks into the commons with his robo baby. This is an electrified doll that mimics a real baby. Students must wear an electronic tag that will shut the baby up when it cries, swipe the tag on the back and the baby may stop crying, or it may need a change, be held or a bottle. Robobaby is how students get part of their grade in Parenting class (we used to call this home economics)

Part of the joy for me, is the teacher can adjust the setting from calm to cranky to even mimicking fetal alcohol syndrome.
Robobaby is crying. He pleads to the teacher in the commons who gave him this task that his is ready to turn it in (we don't allow them in is a homework assignment) She responds that she will not take it in until the baby is quiet. Bubba stops at my class, which is enroute and starts trying to figure out the problem. cuddling, bottle change diaper...

I'm doing my morning errands, and laughing at him.

"ms widget you are enjoying this."

"yea, I told you I'm a sadist. You want one of those?"

"oh hell no, this thing cried at 1 and 3 and...5..."