Saturday, March 22, 2014

sell out

I am pursuing my national certification.  Some students still have not signed the permission slips that let me film (which makes camera angles awkward).  I reminded them before spring break to please do so.  Or if they have an objection to being filmed let me know.  "Or I will show up at your house with permission slip in hand."

smart alec.  "you can't find my house."

"its a small town, I can find you.  Don't try me, another student tried.  Google maps is useful."

"well where I live is strange, you can't find it."

*sigh*....just because I have to have the last word.  "John"  *buddy next to him* "you play football with Smart Alex right?*nod from student*  "I'll give you five points extra credit if you will show me where he lives."

John brightens up "okay."

"I told you, don't try me.  Besides I have your slip and your mother works in the next building."

(that's unethical, but I'm sure that chocolate  or such could get the same results.)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

fine girl

In all fairness he was trying to pay a compliment.

We went shopping, my daughters and I, in a nearby town and stopped at a pawn shop that has a large gun collection.  My youngest is an Army veteran, possesses a Bachelors, considering buying an older house to fix up, teaches high school english, working on her master's and is skilled in several crafts.

She is thinking about buying an AR15 for defense and I suggested she look here.  A elderly gentleman commented that it was nice that a young girl knew how to shoot.

Good thing it wasn't loaded.