Sunday, April 26, 2009

White House gardening

During World War II there was a victory garden in every yard.

Including the White House.

I don't know how the victory gardens went. I have seen enough gardening to understand many things. Though it was a different time, many people already had gardens.

First time gardeners eyes glaze over at the thought of row upon row of tomatoes, corn and beans.

Gardening is a process. You plant you wait for things to grow, you realize its the wrong time or that last freeze messed everything up. You weed, replant, till, mulch, spray for fungus, rinse repeat.

currently my garden is very shady, we finally figured out that we could grow salad stuff. The chard, asparugus, strawberries and blackberries are doing fine. We lost several blackberries last your to some kind of canker.

Now the White House has a garden.

I have a hard time swallowing a lawyer who self admittedly goes to restaurants telling people to grow gardens. I can't see her doing more than the photo ops leaving the hard constant work to the groundskeeper.

She's not even dressed for gardening. What's this designer sweater? Jeans? you were guy jeans when gardening, or shorts. Boots? okay it was chilly in Washington D.C. that day, you had to wear boots instead of being barefoot., but those weren't work books.

There is never a time when I am seriously gardening, as opposed to puttering where i'm not muddy, wet, sweaty or bleeding.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rules for auctions

I used to go to several auctions.

I have started going to some recently. I have noticed some non spoken rules.

Rule number 1
You are not there to pay a fair price for something. You are there to rob the other guy blind.

Rule number 2 for sellers or owners
Something is only _worth_ what someone is willing to pay for it.
I don't care what somebody on ebay sold it for last week. I don't care what its value is. It may be worth that to somebody else but not to me.

Rule number 3 (for new auction attendees)
Do not get caught up with "I'm not going to get it....must bid." Have price in mind. Have an upper limit. If you do not purchase something, so be it. Do not let the hunting gene of "must get it..." take over.

Rule number 4
Be respectful.
Most auction people follow this rule. They will stand out of the way if you are looking at something. They will even help total strangers load heavy stuff into your vehicle.

Rule number 5
Touching is okay.
It must be tried out, tested etc.

Rule number 6
Touching is not okay.
Once someone has won a bid, you do not touch the item without his permission.

Rule number 7
Show up on time
See rule number 4.

Rule number 8
Know how to pay. Have your id and such ready.
Some auctions are cash only, some will take checks, some will take credit cards.

Rule number 9
Men must wear hats.
(no really, if you don't wear a hat, you are really not there)
Also auctions are often outside, rain, cold sun...

Rule number 10
Women need not wear hats but must wear one to tell husbands how to bid.

rule number 11
Hats will bills must face forward.

Rule number 12
Men must wear belts or suspenders.

Rule number 13
Wear comfortable clothing especially shoes.
Only real farmer may wear overalls.

Auctioneers don't like it if you make deals with other bidders, especially with the "bid and you get to pick one of the lot.

Oftimes at an auction there may be several of one thing. The way it works is the high bidder gets choice of which and how many of the lot. Then they bid again for next choice.