Sunday, April 24, 2016


Movies are another way to tell our stories.

I saw this trailer.

I am _not_ an Indian is a noble savage person.   But I shared this with my History counterpart who's son is a small movie maker.  And my daughter.  We agree.  We _have_ to see this....

from Oklahoma...  My husband's state...

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

hey, one day it will be a college.

years ago, at the school I was at, the decision was that once a week teachers would wear college shirts.  I got several from places that don't exist.  My Star Fleet engineering cadet shirt died finally.  I need a replacement.

hands on

During Spring Break I went to a trade tech show.  I bought many things.  I am glad to say I use them.  One thing was a telescope lens.  See previous post.  I wanted to put leather around it to let it lay on things and not be scratched and to keep the edges from chipping.

So first I measured it using the drafting kit I had.  I brought out some old geometry skills to find the center.
Then cut the bottom and the top from leather.  No problem though I was guessing on how much.  Hand sew it on, use glue to hold it together first.  Have it wet so the leather shapes around it.  The only problem was the water made the black thread bleed.  I used binder clips to secure it on.
Almost nice like this.  the binder clips left inpressions that did fade in tiem.