Monday, October 29, 2012


Our school does an event at this time of year.  The students dress up as dead characters from history and have a monologue about their character.  Today they dressed up to bring PR to the event in the evening.  (I have prior plans that must take priority.)  The students were very excited about who they were and were very happy if I could figure out who they were portraying.  A group of girls were the characters from _the_Crucible_

Monday, October 22, 2012

playing cards

I have had the "racist card" played on me so much I have a complete deck. 

I have also had the "lazy redneck so I don't need an education card."
Along with the "angry black girl" card.  I have seen these acts before people, they do not impress me, scare me or make me change my ways.

I swear one of the dealers of "angry black girl" is going to stroke out before she's 25 from so much rage.

head banging

Somehow 13 students in the slower class think that they can wear me down.  "Why we gotta learn this, I'll never need this."

They are trying to pull me into an argument.  Their problem is I know this game.  A calm, "you are in this class and this is the curriculum."  I am not going to argue, you need this for life or need to know or how do you know you don't need it or anything  else.

What you guys think that "oh yea, you do not need this, chill out for the rest of the year."

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Myths in Professional Development

"Einstein was dyslexic"

No, look who knows more about the Father of Relativity, you or me, the Physics major.

There is no evidence that Einstein was dyslexic.  Maybe what we call Asperger's Syndrome now.

In a highly structured school system such as was Germany 100 years ago, he had trouble.  As a Jew in a Catholic school he had lots of trouble. 

 What Einstein was a genius, even as a child. I doubt I could teach him, I doubt anybody in my school system could teach him.  The best for him was a library and time.

I hate to break it to English Majors, but Einstein was not that much.  Surely he has more Brains than I will ever had, but consider Feynman, or Newton or Curie.  He wrote three papers that he made his career on and refused to follow quantum mechanics in spite of the evidence.