Friday, February 18, 2011

we want you.

In response.

If you do not like where you are working, leave.
If you are an effective, experienced teacher who is facing this ATR or being forced out.

Leave under your own power.

Leave the pollution, the crowds, the bloated bureacracy, the old outdated schools.

Come to the South. We want you, we need you and we'd love to have you.

Come to the South. Come to rural. Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Texas, Arkansas, North and South Carolina have all increased in population. Some by over 10 %. Look at Texas' massive growth.

And the growth means children who need new schools and teachers.

Come to where you can fish. Come to where you can have a yard, and a garden and fresh vegetables bought from the roadside. Come.

Come to the South. Look at this winter's heating bill... and Come to the South.

Yes, we may not pay as much, but our living here is cheaper and we have less taxes. Florida and Texas have no state income tax.

We have seafood, Barbecue, Cajun, a touch of Mexican and Southern cooking.

We have RocknRoll, Blues, Folk and Bluegrass.

We have New Orleans, with Marti Gras. We have Memphis, Home of the Blues and Beale Street. We have Austin, Live music capital with SouthbySouthwest. We have Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and Miami.

My principal would bite off his left arm for a Drama/English/Speech teacher we can keep for more than a year.
"time sheets?" what? I am a professional and treated as such. The only such thing I have to fill out is extra tutoring or if I am sick.

Most schools will pay for the move, maybe even a bonus if you come.

So come, come to the south.