Thursday, May 28, 2009

Went to get make up, got a new gun bag

Summer break has started. I set off today to do shopping. First stop was a large hunting supply store. Goal was to get swivels for my rifle, a range bag and possibly a shooting jacket. Also look at rifles and pistols. Got the swivels. Range bag was either wrong color, too big, too girl etc. etc. The salesman was nice and helpful and I apologized for being picky. Husband got a new pair of comfortable shoes. Hit a few pawn shops looking at guns and tools.
Since I am older I have finally decided to get some make up. Even stopped tearing my nails. So I go to large department store and at the make up counter. I had thrown away all my previous makeup. Explained to helpful lady at counter that I had no habit of makeup but was going to start. she helped me with selections showed me how to lay on the stuff. Hubby was helpful with his "trowel" suggestion. After that she filled out a sheet of what I would need to get. I looked at it and said "Okay."
"What do you want?"
"well all of it..." pause, realizing I'm in docker style work pants, t shirt and a button up shirt on top. Reach into wallet and pull out gold American Express "now do we understand?"
She glances at it, she works partly on commission. "yes we do understand!...." *Ca-Ching...It takes time for her to gather up the things, code them, wrap them. Hubby is looking around.
"hey dear" he gestures at displayed bag,..."This is the what you wanted."
"yes it is." It is the size and color I wanted. No pockets, but it nice. He asks how much and it is explained that the bag is a gift for buying a cologne. Well, how much for the cologne. He even opines that he should start wearing cologne.
So I now have a designer label bag, and a cell phone number of a make up person, just in case I need some questions on how to put the stuff on.

Monday, May 25, 2009

memorial day

It is a small town. People gathered at the court house. A short speech was made. The flag was dropped to half mast as the names of fallen soldiers was read while Taps was played. Many men in this community served in WWII. In fact the head of the VFW and his buddies went to sign up. He changed his mind and enlisted later. His buddies never came home.

Hubby shamed me into riding my bike there. We talked to a few people we knew, about service and duty. And about bikes.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

pregnant teenagers

In a laid back discussion, my comment was that they should go out to the world and take care of themselves. Not to rely on their parents or other people.

Very pregnant student of mine pipes up "My boyfriend take care of me."

I started coughing to keep "yea...he sure did." from coming out.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


My students do not realize that I have no control over who substitutes for me. If I am sick, it is whoever the secretary can get ahold of between the time I call in and when school starts. And the secretary really does not appreciate a call at 5 am when I have decided that I am sick, so the call must be at 7, which gives her an hour to find somebody. I do not even know the names of the substitutes except for two of them. I see them around but I've never been introduced. The students have their own names for them, there is "Sarah Plain and Tall", "Meth lady" and "Clueless Black Lady". These are the ones who's name I do not know. The two substitutes whose names I know are the ones I like. They always leave me notes and try to follow a slapped together lesson plan I've emailed the secretary. Wouldn't you know it, my students don't like these two.