Thursday, April 29, 2010

book of the day

There and Back Again by Sean Astin. Okay its interesting. It focuses most on Sean's acting in Lord of the Rings. The initial chapters on his upbringing in a family of actors, Patty Duke Astin, and John Astin. His starting off in acting such as Rudy, Encino Man.

There's nothing really standing out, but it was a nice read.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

politics for football

Like one education leader in our state, I really think that instead of having schools sponsor athletics, it should be the job of the community. Hey want your kids to play, fine practice is after school at the park. Your taxes pay for it. Everybody can play. Coaches do not have to deal with classes or teachers complaining that the star athlete is a discipline problem. Then they can deal with what they love, coaching. And I don't have to worry about students missing class because of games or practice.

Because our school is doing poorly academically, the state may get rid of practice during school time, errr..."athletics" Right now, football is a class at end of day that extends into practice. Sure we can have sports or such, just its not during school time. I personaly hope it happens. More class time, and heck the extra coaches just might have to teach something, or go out and dig ditches.

suck it up

Chemistry finished a lab which required lighting stuff with matches and sulfuric acid. So my lab room reeked of sulfur. My 9th graders came in complaining. No I can't spray air freshener, it won't do any good, just wait the fumes will vent out.

One problem student is ranting about it. Thought process. "you need to get used to it Arnold, brimstone too, for it is your future."

What I really said, "Arnold, act half as tough as you think you are and suck it up."

Sunday, April 18, 2010


There is a stack of work 1 1/2" some of it make up that I need to grade. I need to make my lesson plans for the upcoming work.
And I want to sleep or play computer games or garden or go to karate class or practice my sword or lightsaber, or practice karate.


At least my lesson plans are pretty much made I just need to update what I did last year and turn in a planning calendar.
That and I need to go back on my liftstyle changes this week, so I need to plan what I'm doing. I need to plan my exercises.

okay think about the figurative cup of tea at the end. You can order a bayonet for your ar15 or a tactical sling, or a karate gi, or a shinai...

*grumble* being sick last week put me behind.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

candid conversation with my students

"Ms W? do you think *insert teeny bopper boy idol of the week* is hot?"

"no" blandly

"I think he is."

"goody for you."

"why don't you think he's hot?"

"because I have different tastes in men since I'm older."

"what do you like in a man?"

absolutely no pause in answering "A Gold American Express card."

Sunday, April 4, 2010

wooo hooo!

How I spent my Easter weekend.

Most professional theaters use fight directors to stage fights. The directors themselves monitor themselves through the auspice of the Society of American Fight Directors. This is for the safety of all. Nobody can just jump up and say "hey we can do a fight." There are safety and style to consider.

Ruston Louisiana has hosted for several years a stage combat workshop. This is for actors (or wannabe actors) and instructors, directors or fight choreagraphers. I have been interested in this for a while, so I took a leap and went.

I think I was the oldest student, certainly the oldest "starter" Age though has its advantage, for instance I knew my left from right. My intellect helped to, any break and I wrote things down. Also I knew how to use my body more than some, others, oh boy, young people. Some of them are awesome. I also knew about swords and such.

Introduce yourself..."Hi I'm a director at *small theater*, I'm a theater major, I'm a professional actor out of *city theater*, ..." me "I teach science"

I do not hurt as much as I thought I would. I credit that with the care and stretches and warm ups the instructors did. Some of it was me because I was training for this and had started exercising.

So what did I learn? The simplest broadsword, single sword, unarmed, and rapier and dagger. (and if anybody wants to know what I want for christmas I want a stage combat rapier and dagger set). Also got to handle a whip.

The instructors were good. I enjoyed both as a student and as a person who teaches watching their different styles. Some were more free flow, others structured.

I tried to be a good student, pay attention, supportive of my fellow students, and ask good questions.

My biggest problem was overcoming what I think I knew.