Wednesday, June 27, 2012

what do you mean?

Students ask if they can say *insert word"

"sure I say its all a matter of context"

Mary rode an ass to Bethlehem.
Be sure to cock the valve on the buret.
Do not prick your finger with the salpel.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I live in a right to work state.  Since I teach in small schools, and have one on one contact with people in charge and see no reason for needing a voice.

It has been years since I have even been approached to join the union.  The last time was a general meeting which started as its key benefit they will pay for a lawyer if I get sued.  Somehow that does not seem  like a selling point.  That and the fact that they want over a hundred dollars a month.  No I do not think so.  I do not believe in my case that I will get benefits close to my cost.

oh geez

I'm getting ready for my third day of cleaning the class.  Hopefully this is the last day of tossing stuff and I can organize.  I open a desk drawer and it is full black worksheets.  I do not mean has some I mean packed full.  Discarded library books older than I am, they have a stamp "discard".  Two toasters, coffee pot and a microwave.  There are chemicals left over from a lab in beakers.  Finally figured out what one is (found a copy of the lab, it may have been the only lab he did), so I can go through the disposal of it.

I have a promethean board but it looks like it was hooked up to a laptop that I cannot find.  Maybe I can get one from my husband to test it out.  The projector works, just no computer.  The computer in the office is not hooked up to the electronic stuff since it the class' office.

The fact that there is a large TV with vcr tape gives me a clue what person was doing.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Once again, into the breach

I have managed to change jobs and get hired by another school.  As it is a bigger school and closer to my home it is a step up.  Once again I am stepping into the footsteps of somebody who did not do anything.  The lab is not a complete mess, some previous person organized the chemicals and other stuff.  Then it just sat there.  What is it with teachers to make us pack rats?  There are books there older than me?
The principal has given me carte blanche to do what I need to do.