Saturday, January 26, 2013


50 smart phone apps

Hmm, the first five is grading and attendance.  This is all computerized now, so why would I need one on my smart phone. 

Speaking for me personally, I do not want to have education apps on my smartphone.  I lobotomized my smart phone, it has a few apps, but I buy minutes for phoning and texting.  I need to get with my technlogy people and get it hooked on the wireless.  I try and the thing spits me out,  I think I'm doing it right.  I could just be a luddite.

Social networking.  After 5 minutes if I do not find what I want I give up.  It is not the lack of information, it is the overload of information.  Or 3 pages of google search which is the same thing.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

banks concealed carry

My husband plays bridge in the conference room of a bank after hours (some bridge players are on the Board).  They heard a noise outside.  Players asked him to go check.  Bank closed, People inside.  Could be a target for some riffraff.  Turned out to be nothing.  But the same people when over time found out husband carried asked why he felt he needed to.


A student came in and wanted a picture of her and me.  I'm good for another three months.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

get your smokey on

Had a student set off the fire extinguisher in class.  And there was no fire. I was outside having hall duty when I noticed "smoke."  After extracting a, uhm , seriously questioning the students, I had the culprit.
He was suspended.  Students asked if he were going to be expelled.  "no, we don't do that for popping a fire extinguisher, heck we don't even do that for selling drugs on campus."
One day, I am going to ask him,  "what were you thinking?"

I am the mother of a boy, I know what he was thinking.  "what happens if I ...."