Tuesday, October 21, 2014

its knowing what button

Before thanksgiving my promethean (like a smart board) stopped working.  I complained, went through the channels, etc.

the third part that was supposed to work went bankrupt.  wonder why?  could it be you did no work for the customer?

Toward the end of the year I broke channels and called the company that made the board..  The warranty had worn out the month before.  They could have talked me through some problems.

We renovated the school this summer, so no work.

Finally today, the new third part comes in and ...its the bulb.  Which I though our IT people had replaced.


It is what it is.  The reset the controls and moved the hook up to a more convenient place.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


There is a group that does scottish and North American Indian style combat training nearby.

The class is supposed to be for tomahawk.

So I used my norse ax as the template for the practice ax.

It seemed to work okay.

I used foam, and PVC for the practice one.  I forgot as an aging geek to wear gloves when working with contact cement.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

I am the author, I out rank you

So it is homecoming.

Tradition say teachers sit in the back to monitor.  I'm tired and do not feel like leaning against the wall. The last three rows are taped saying "JROTC".  We have an ROTC program at our school and there is a color guard and a saber team.  The saber team salutes each member of the court.  truly a difficult job to hold that thing in the air and stand there for the entire ceremony  (really no sarcasm here)

So I look around, count jrotc students and decide with the secretary that there is room enough and sit down.  A JROTC student in uniform, whom I did not know, "this is for rotc." 

"that's okay I reply, I'm a veteran."  (translation, "darling I am a full fledged adult and many, many members of my family are not little tin soldiers"  and if a student in uniform needed a seat I would have moved, as we did for a parent)

Eventually the JROTC student commander told student it was okay.