Monday, November 2, 2009

Book of the day tuesday

Today's book Granualle Ireland's Pirate Queen.

Four years ago I discovered the musical Wicked. I convinced my husband to take us to see the tour in St. Louis. The lead actress, Stephanie J. Block, gave a good performance and was kind enough to come outside to talk with the fans even though there was a party for a member of the cast leaving. After leaving the tour she was the lead in a new musical The Pirate Queen. The show bombed, not that it was bad, it had its good points, but partially because the true story was hard to fit into a two and half hours. That and the songwriters poorly portrayed the celtic mindset.

Grania O'Malley was the only legitimate child of the head of Clan O'malley. She commanded a fleet of ships both traders and pirates, Married twice, widowed once then divorced her second husband so she could claim his castle. When her son was taken by the English she sailed to England to lay her case before her enemy Queen Elizabeth I.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

book of the day

School was cancelled friday because of power outages, flooding and rain.

Monday's book of the day

Physics of the Impossible
by Michio Kaku

When science increases, what was once impossible becomes possible.
An examination in layman's terms of science speculation that _might work or could work or as cool as it is, will never work. Teleportation, Time travel, faster than light travel, and robots are examined.

I looked forward to this after reading his Hyperspace.