Monday, June 27, 2011

Book of the day

Yes I know it is summer. No students to show books to.

If this was not so funny I would be beating the clerk's head against the wall. Our science department was able to get some money. We got together and made a "fun" order. We had our wish lists, compared prices of companies, made suggestions, then wrote out our orders. Here you take this company and make the list I'll order this one. One thing I wanted to do was buy books. Students need more literacy and I want more books for them to read.
I waited a month. No response. Emailed politely the clerk and asked if she knew when the books were due, since I had to read them before the students. I was told the request they were sent back to the principal for "review."

Found the principal. He looked at my order and it had a note from said clerk such as "this was what we talked about". Principal asks "what's this one here, Demon Haunted Word, Sagan."

"guffaw" Oh my lord, the office thinks I'm teaching the kids how to be Devil Worshippers. "Sagan...that's the author, Carl Sagan, scientist."

Remember as much as you like the principal, he's a former football coach. "so its not about demons..." he says.

"no, its about pseudo science...fake science,...astrology, psychics and why we spend so much time on them."

We settle that and I point out the books are not supposed to be taxed.

If I find out that woman was censoring my books, there will be a talk with her, me and the super about job descriptions and duties.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

name that lab supply

I spent 3 days cleaning out and organizing the lab supplies. I am getting new things, and I am tired of standing in the supply closet thinking "I know I have *blank*, I saw it where is it?" Boxes are labeled and the shelves where said boxes go.

But I found this. It is made out of marble. I think it might have something to do with a clock since it has arrows and numbers up to 24.